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Due to the nature of all the changing energies we are experiencing, the week ahead promises to be very different from anything we’ve ever known. We may find our Selves completely unaccustomed to the needs and actions that come up and require our responses. This energy goes part and parcel with the swapping out of the mental operating system that is currently ongoing, and there’s plenty of ‘hooking up of the new mind to higher energies’ within us going on all week long.

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Aside from the upcoming Mercury connections with Uranus and Pluto, (the second of three all together in each case), Jupiter begins a new cycle with the Soul Star Chakra (the North Node), and the Leo Full Moon occurs on Saturday night EST. Both the Sun and Venus enter new parts of our consciousness this week, Saturn moves within range of the Great Attractor, and Mars moves into a new cycle with Juno. These are all very unusual planetary events, save for the Full Moon, but a full Moon occurring in the midst of all this unprecedented activity adds a great deal of oomph to the passage.


Eris finally begins to move forward this week, effectively ending those intense storms and upheavals we’ve been experiencing inside and out. Of course it is the middle of the winter, and the weather patterns are extremely unusual this year, (maybe for the foreseeable future), but the intensity of the storms (and earthquakes) SHOULD mellow a bit, at least for the next few weeks.


Mercury has passed the middle of his retrograde and during the week ahead he will form a second stepping stone with Uranus, bringing amazing inner revelations. The new operating system has been put in place, (to revive the operating table metaphor), and all the hookups to the higher energies begin now.


Mercury’s second connection with Pluto this week (on the 22nd) is major. There is a beautiful article on this energy by Christine Clemmer that is not to be missed.  You may need to scroll own a bit to find it, and don’t miss Shelly Leal’s Cosmic Consciousness observations as you do. The new mind gets activated in a big way this week, and the more centered and detached we can be emotionally the better.


Of course, that may be a tall order with the Leo Full Moon building up all week, but as with all Leo energies, if you can remain focused on the positive and not so much on the negative, even emotional energies will serve you well.


The whole week is dominated by the Jupiter /Soul Star connection that has been coming together for a few weeks now and will remain in effect for a while longer. They become exact on the 23rd in the morning. This connection is the reflection of the higher perspective we all seem to have so much greater access to now. A conjunction is a new beginning, so it isn’t likely this perspective will disappear any time soon.


It’s a major week of new installations ahead. Stay centered in the observer’s perch. Don’t take your eyes off you. Your peripheral vision will be enough to inform you of the events taking place in your movie. Remember it’s your movie… you wrote the script and there can be nothing in it you don’t know. The new mental operating system is completely aligned with this awareness. There is nothing to be concerned about. Nothing.


“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.”

Terry Pratchett