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We have a new operating system AND a new planet. This is not a TNO (Trans-Neptunian object), it is an actual new planet in our soular system. They are calling it the 9th planet, and it is being touted as Pluto’s replacement. This does not negate the Kuiper belt objects that have already been named, those are the archetypes of our highest consciousness. This is the representative of our new operating system,  and it certainly proves the point that the cosmos reflects what we are, and instantly too. Here is an article on the new planet.

Aside from this, the planets that reflect the consciousness of our physical life on Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn are all lined up… perfectly aligned with each other…  for the entire month ahead, ALSO reflecting our new alignment.




1 21 16

The world is new, every which way you look at it. For me, the ways of the world no longer have much meaning. I have been through huge amounts of red tape in the past 2 weeks, and most especially in the past 2 or 3 days. Red tape of the most ignorant kind. Hours and hours spent on the phone, mostly waiting, because I was trying to do the right thing. A lot about compliance with rules and regulations that I had already complied with, but no one took me seriously enough to do something about it.


I won’t go into it, it’s too crazy, and there is no rhyme or reason, no consciousness, and above all, no effort to accommodate a long term customer. I was flabbergasted. I had to deal with 4 different agencies, and to make a very long and frustrating story shorter, the item the first company was insisting on was exactly the same item I had given them already, it just had a different heading.


I finally got someone with a little conscious awareness who escalated my claim and promised me the action they were threatening for non compliance, (despite my continues effort at compliance) would not happen. I still don’t know if it will or not, but I have done just about everything I could and spoken with just about everyone involved to get to this resolution, (which still hasn’t been finalized).


I found my Self affirming that I don’t belong in this world. And then, this new planet appears. It’s big news. Its new consciousness. Not the 5D kind that the Kuiper Belt objects represent… this is a new earthly consciousness, and I could not be more ready to embrace it, WHATEVER it is.


Click Here for more on the new planet….

And here is an article from the great Philip Sedgwick on the same topic… Go to the Ezine…


It is a new world. Philip says this is the end of astrology as we know it.. IT’S ABOUT TIME…(or about NOT time)…

Make it your business to go have a look at those perfectly aligned planets that are gracing the pre-dawn Southern sky every morning for the next 4 weeks. That is your new reflection, so take it all in and get One with it…

As Philip says, Stay Tuned…


“Do you want to know what the single toughest thing about figuring out time and space is? About finally making progress by leaps and bounds? The one thing that would heal every broken heart and vanquish every emotional pain? That would clear the way for infinite abundance, perfect health, and unlimited happiness? 

Not relying on appearances. 

Just stop it. “

You so can,
    The Universe   (Mike Dooley)