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I have heard from so many of you, so many going through similar 3D issues, dealing with red tape, old world bureaucracy, and money issues that are just plain weird or overly complicated and difficult. Here is an update on my situation, because I am sure it can be helpful to many. I did my best to stay centered in the Light, and to remember that every time I reached a “customer service” representative I needed to remain Love and hold the space at all costs. I  spoke to at least 8 representatives and 3 different supervisors, and never felt for one moment that I got any further than I was before.

I did speak to one woman who was feeling me and promised to do something to help me. If nothing else it helped me relax for a short while. She said she would not let PayPal shut down my account. I breathed a bit easier. Then, on Sunday, PayPal shut down my account and my related debit card, which gives me access to my money.


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I spent 3 hours on Sunday talking to a supervisor. He wan’t just ANY supervisor, no. He was the kind of supervisor that has a taste of what he things power is and uses it to make people cower. I was on to him from the start, and I let my light shine brighter and brighter. The more Love I expressed, the meaner he became. At one point, unsolicited, he told me my money would be unavailable to me for 6 months.

At that point I had had enough. I calmly told him that I am certain that is not legal, and I told him he had not heard the last of me. I said it calmly and I hung up the phone and wrote a long complaint to the complaint department at Paypal, explaining my whole story. I had gotten the “supervisor”‘s name and ID number, and I referred to everything he said, very straightforward.

The “supervisor” told me until they have the form with the exact number they asked for they would hold my money and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I asked for his superior, but he tried to tell me that he is as high up the chain as I am allowed to go. I told this all to the complaint department.

This story is too long already, so let me make it much shorter. When I woke up today my entire account had been restored, my card reinstated, the limits restricted in every way, and there was absolutely no explanation for this action.. zero. It is now, at this moment, very much like a bad nightmare I had.

I believe the point is that Love will win out, and though the path may be difficult, and tiresome, it doesn’t have to be harder than necessary. It depends, I guess, on what we identify with… the outcome, or the Love. Justice will win out, but semantics are a problem. What we think of as justice can be two completely different things in this new world.

We must choose, every moment, to live in the higher realm, no matter what we have to deal with in the physical realm. It’s important to remember that the physical realm is in major transmutation mode, and so anything and everything we interact with on that plane is subject to some weirdness.

Which world are you living in and which one do you choose to inhabit? We are in the middle of a Mercury station, complete with another Mercury storm, and the mental body is completing its swap out this week, as Mercury comes together with Pluto and Uranus for the third and last time.

Keep choosing the realm of Love and Unity. You never know when or how you are teaching an unawakened soul how it’s done.


  When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That’s the message he is sending.

― Thich Nhat Hanh