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We enter February and a leap year full of Hidden 2:2 Star Gates. This month we get to try out our new mental operating system by applying unity consciousness to our relationships. It’s what this has all been for. The highest realization, which is that as we exist here in the physical realm in our apparently separate bodies, we also understand completely that there can be nothing separate from us anywhere in the world. In fact, the world as we know it is our own projection, and everything, EVERYTHING we perceive ‘out there’ is some rendition of our Self. This is the essence of the month ahead, and there are many planetary events to back it up and drive it home.


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First, and very significantly, Saturn is now transiting the Great Attractor, for the first of three times this year. Speaking of learning lessons, what could possibly be the meaning of the Inner Guru moving back and forth over THE most important SOURCE energy of our universe? Could it be we are hooking up dynamically once and for all to Source, at the most significant level of our social identity? With the new mental operating system, there is no telling what we are capable of, but it certainly seems worth it to aim as high as we possibly can.


Secondly this month, Jupiter continues to travel with the Soul Star Chakra, the Moon’s North Node, spreading all kinds of expansive consciousness and abundance on a continual basis. If we can’t yet see that very positive clearly, it’s only because Jupiter has a “foreigner” type of experience when he moves through Virgo… “Foreigner” is my new word for ‘detriment’.. It gives the experience of  feeling a bit like an outsider who doesn’t speak the native language. But it’s Jupiter, and there’s always a benefit when Jupiter is around. We are all feeling it, but the wondrous gift has yet to emerge… especially so for Virgos, or wherever Virgo falls in your energy field.


Ceres has entered Pisces and will make her way to a new cycle (conjunction) with Neptune (on February 20). Meanwhile, Orcus, who serves as the welcome committee for the invisible realm within each of us, continues to provide an open ridge for us as he sits in polarity to Neptune and Ceres. Ceres is the midwife archetype, who helps us to rebirth when we’ve been having a particularly hard time, and as she approaches Neptune, it will be our confusion that undergoes a profound transmutation and turns in to enlightenment.


This is not a prediction, it is written. In Cosmic Consciousness, if you can look at an energy field and see something coming together, then IT IS, it is happening, and there is no need to predict it. It is far more important to ALLOW it to manifest, in whatever way it does. the days of projecting our fear based vision onto the future are over… Now we have the full blown capacity to center in our hearts and allow whatever the higher Self has written to emerge. It emerges from within, NOT out there in the world. That is nothing more than a mirrored reflection of what is going on inside.


The elements and the seasons, (courtesy of CERES), tell us what body is being reflected. (For example, if there is water involved, it’s emotional, even the water is a thought or a concept)…. Planetary events reflect the spiritual body, the cosmic Self, and they provide that bird’s eye view we all need to embrace for best results.


The Aquarius New Moon and the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey occurs next week (February 8) and Mars enters his retrograde shadow when he reaches 23 Scorpio on February 18th. January produced major events that ended the old cycle and catapulted us into the new, and the new cycle begins here now. That’s it’s a ‘2’ vibration means that duality has a brand new meaning, and it is in our best interest to remain observant and learn from it as it emerges.


“Any troubling lack of abundance in one’s life is not a cause, but an effect, of other thoughts on the subjects of life, work, and happiness.”

 THE UNIVERSE  (Mike Dooley)