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As I mentioned yesterday, Saturn is currently transiting the Great Attractor, bringing our Inner Guru into direct alignment with a very high Source energy. That is a great thing, especially today, as the Moon moves into Sagittarius and begins to resonate with Saturn for a few days, and Saturn is featured in quite a few planetary connections throughout the week. Obviously, that means our new sense of inner guidance is about to be unveiled as far more sophisticated than ever before.


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Also as mentioned yesterday, Saturn will be transiting the Great Attractor all year, retrograding back over it in the late spring, and completing his transit in the fall. That makes this the year of the inner guidance upgrade. It’s not the same kind of upgrade we’ve been getting for the past few years, this is the big one, the one that finally hooks us up to Source in a big way. I’m thinking that means telepathy, and all kinds of energetic connection that we’ve never been able to achieve until now.


Saturn will be very resourceful this week. He connects with the Sun tomorrow in a sextile, providing plenty of juice for our new reception from Source. Saturn will also connect with Venus and Mercury this week and again with those two in more dynamic aspects at the end of the month. This definitely points to a personal calibration for the big upgrade that is happening simultaneously.


Next week Saturn will come together with Pluto in the higher dimensional range, adding much more breadth and width to the connection between the inner guidance mechanism and Source. This whole month seems to be related to this process, and the ‘2’ vibration seems to turn into a focus on our connection with the higher Self. That is definitely what unity consciousness yields.


The ‘2’ vibration is also related to the bridge, (formerly known as the opposition). The bridge connects two sides together, another way to observe unity consciousness at work in the physical world. That is the theme of the month, and I would venture to say that by March 1, when we move into the manifestation energies, we will be far more adept and advanced in our capacity to stay tuned to the higher Self and to commune with each other.


This truly is a brand new world. There is very little about the world we once lived in that remains the same.


“Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.”

-Saint Augustine