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Saturn continues to cross the Great Attractor degree, and he is featured today in two different planetary connections, bringing all that Saturn is reflecting front and center. First Venus and Saturn form a growth aspect, formerly called a semisextile, which gives the heart an opportunity to make real contact with the very exalted Source energy being delivered through the inner guidance mechanism. A semisextile makes for a real ‘getting to know you’ experience. Later this afternoon (EST) inside the void Sagittarius Moon Mercury comes together with Saturn in a higher dimensional new cycle. (a parallel) and this connection will be repeated next Monday morning, creating nearly an entire week of super parallel energy. This MUST have to do with the new mental operating system and our recalibration with the Inner Teacher.


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I got an interesting comment/observation from Lucira Jane yesterday regarding Saturn:

“Wasn’t it about 30 years ago that Saturn would have been crossing the G(reat) A(ttractor)? 
This was the time that the belief in trickle-down economics came into our consciousness and processes and initiated our current social-economic-political-religious polarities… perhaps reflections of active resistance to Source energy.”


What a great and very meaty comment… Yes, Saturn did cross the Great Attractor about 30 years ago. I believe humanity has been in active resistance to Source energy for many thousands of years, so yes, that certainly had something to do with. But more interesting to me is the fact that every time Saturn passes over a degree (every almost 30 years), the energies he reflects come up again, each time to offer us the chance to do it with more integrity, or to take more response ability for our actions.


There is no denying that the current socio-economic-political-religious polarities got a new focus then, and that those same issues are certainly on our plates now. The thing is, we have grown more consciously and spiritually in the past 30 years than in all the rest of the time we have been here put together. This is the end of that beginning and the beginning of the end of that world we used to live.


We don’t live there anymore and the political/economic/religious stage(s) are playing out the intense polarity that began then and is finally coming apart now. It’s important to remember that we who hold the Light for the rest of the planet as it polarizes and comes to unity are far better off remaining focused on the higher plan. Any energy given to the old scenarios gives them energy, and in the old world energy was experienced as density and time.


We must remain riveted to the new consciousness and Source, remembering all the while that the scenes playing out on the planet were written at the beginning and they must be expressed in some way in order to move past them and get to the newer world. We must watch them movie from the impersonal completely non judgmental observer’s perch, and remain connected to the Source energy we know is carrying out the Divine plan perfectly.


We hold the space for the new order, and the more we think in new ways about new things the more swiftly the entire planet can experience the next chapter.


“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”

 Zora Neale Hurston