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The other day, when scientists announced the new planet in our soular system, temporarily dubbed ‘dark nine’, I marveled at the way scientists are now willing to wholeheartedly accept the presence of something they cannot see. This is evidence of the new world, and it was just the beginning. Yesterday scientists announced the discovery of gravitational waves, something Einstein predicted 100 years ago. In an article announcing this discovery, scientists are calling it the greatest discovery ever in the universe. What this discovery is, in effect, is the discovery of the next dimension. It produces a new understanding of nature and physics.


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The article calls this a ‘new sense’, stating  “We are really witnessing the opening of a new tool for doing astronomy,” MIT astrophysicist Nergis Mavalvala said in an interview. “We have turned on a new sense. We have been able to see and now we will be able to hear as well.”


Also a little over a week ago I reprinted a statement from a reader, Jan Finley, which I am going to reprint here:

“As I was [telling a friend] how Reiki, La Ho Chi, and Karuna feel so very different when I use them, I received a huge cosmic smack in the forehead! I was using the word “frequency” to describe the difference. This is one of the upgrades, only a huge step further!! We are being upgraded to actually use and communicate with different frequencies. This explains why I have had ringing in my ears, humming, popping and why I have occasional bouts of disorientation ad dizziness. I am have not even begun to plumb the depths of this revelation but I am completely blown away at and excited by the possibilities. To actually be able to change frequency and choose which “channel” to communicate on is mind boggling. This explains the verbal difficulty that has been my world these last months. There are “channels” were words are not necessary. Instead of feeling occasionally annoyed by non-stop ringing or the inability to communicate verbally what my Heart/Mind is telling me, I can now say: Bring It On!! I want to experience all these glorious channels!! Communication is going to become something so much more than we are used to and I am so happy to be part of it.”


Imagine being able to choose the frequency you are receiving information from AND transmitting it through. We are here, this is it. So my question to you all is this: Which came first the scientific discovery or the perception that is expressed by even one soul?


The answer, of course, is the same as it ever was… they come simultaneously. There is no separation anywhere in our entire universe. (That’s why it’s called a UNIverse). UNIVERSE means diversity within Oneness. We are truly in a new world. All we have to do is be present in the moment, and ALLOW for all that comes to us. What we perceive ‘out there’ in the cosmos is the reflection of what is going on within us.


As above, so below. As without, so within.


“A belief is only a thought you continue to think. A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought, and you have the ability -if you try even a little bit- to begin a new pattern, to tell a new story, to achieve a different vibration, to change your point of attraction.” 
– Esther Hicks