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There have been a number of cosmic discoveries this past week, as well as the announcement that scientists have discovered what basically amounts to the 5th dimension. While I believe with every shred of my being that it’s all happening simultaneously, it is such a privilege to speak the language of the stars fluently, and to be able to perceive in the reflection of the higher Self as it is expressed in the cosmos. This is a most exciting time. If we can keep our focus on the higher Self, the struggle and strife of the transmutation process can be rendered so much less difficult. Everything is about where you choose to place your focus. At this moment in time, AIM HIGH takes on a whole new meaning. Well, to be fair, EVERYTHING is taking on a whole new meaning. And all we have to do to perceive it is to look at it from the observer’s perch.


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2 13 16 Mercury enters Aquarius







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