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There’s a lot of planetary activity going on this weekend, and a big part of it is the Finger of God that is happening right now and for the next few days. It’s taking place between Uranus/Eris and Vesta, inconjunct Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node, in a resource with (sextile) Mars. This Finger of God has been in full effect all this past week. Mars, traveling into his retrograde shadow, was also triggering this all important crossroads. Add to that the fact that Vest has made her way smack into the middle of the building Uranus Eris awakening force, and we are looking right into the eyes of the most important shift of gears ever.


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Vesta is triggering the devotional aspect of the Uranus Eris awakening. Vesta is the fire. Everything that is happening, especially where change is the most apparent, is firing up in a big way. Hue transformation is under way, and we all know it now.


That Uranus/Vesta/Eris conjunction is the “point” of this particular Finger of God, which is being ‘set up’ by the Mars/Jupiter -North Node Resource. So the “point” of the physical transmutation/expansion that has just begun and will be the focus of the next six months is our awakening. That awakening will be underway in earnest between June and next March, 2017.


The Jupiter North Node conjunction is ongoing as well, and this weekend Chiron comes together exactly with the South Node, opening the bridge to personal mastery with an evolutionary/karmic twist. That the Nodes are involved is collectively very significant. We all know this is a most important moment in human evolution. What it all means exactly has yet to emerge, and trying to figure it all out is not at all the way to go.


Mars is always the trigger, and he has done so in a very big way this week. He is going to return to 23 Scorpio, and later in the Uranus Eris conjunction, 23 Aries will also activate. Jupiter too is retrograde, and will return to this point later in the Summer.


All this means that this Finger of  God will be in effect for most of the year. It’s about as major as anything gets.


Meanwhile, we prepare for the Neptune Ceres conjunction tomorrow. Watch as the Vision for our future rebirths itself.


“It is a process of diverting one’s scattered forces into one powerful channel.”

– James Allen