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There’s a lot going on this week., from the Virgo Full Moon tonight (EST) to the Jupiter Chiron bridge that becomes exact for the second of three times tomorrow, to the transit of Ceres from Neptune and the reception of both Ceres AND Neptune of the Sun, transiting both, just after energizing that Full Virgo Moon. That’s not all, there are plenty of resources (sextiles) happening this week, AND the transit of Pallas to Venus and Mercury. Wow! Where to begin?


2 22 16 Virgo Full Moon



Well, let’s begin and end today’s blog with the Full Moon, as that is the way this colossal week begins. The Virgo Full Moon is progenitor energy in Cosmic Consciousness. That’s because Virgo, the Virgin Mother energy, is the place within each of us where the heart purifies and the Christed Self is born. Virgo Moons, new or Full, have a way of bringing us back to our Selves. That’s because when you lay the cosmic clock on top of the birth chart, the Virgo Moon always falls in the hour that correlates to your sign. (For example, for a Libra, when you put the Sun on the Ascendant, the Virgo Moon falls in the Libra hour, or 9 o’clock, and this is True for every sign, all the way around… It is NOT true for any other sign… Progenitor energy).


To me that means that this Virgo Moon has the power to bring us back to our Selves. Further, the Full Moon reflects the Pisces Sun, bringing the Virgo/Pisces polarity front and center. Actually, there are currently 5 planets and points in Pisces and three in Virgo, bringing the polarity that provides us with our zoom lens fully into focus…That may sound like a cute pun, but it couldn’t be closer to the Truth.


How well you are able to zoom in on your own experience from the observer’s perch is the main theme of the week. Also inside this Virgo Pisces polarity is the Jupiter /North Node- Chiron/South Node bridge that opens for the second of three times, and provides us each with more access to our personal mastery than we’ve ever had before.


Today the Moon reflects the Sun and the Neptune Ceres conjunction. That conjunction will reverberate all week as Ceres ALSO comes together with the Sun, and tomorrow the Moon will light up the Chiron South Node conjunction, which also comes together tomorrow in its own right. To bring the emotional body fully into this personal mastery experience promises to take us to new levels.


We have already attained a totally new level of consciousness… And the events of today and tomorrow, especially with today’s 2:2:2 Star Gate added into the mix, promise to show us in no uncertain terms what we are newly capable of. There’s more, too.. So much more coming up this week. But I’ll get to it then. For now, here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s New Moon in Virgo, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:


  Virgo 4:  A small piglet dressed in baby’s clothes.


Being aware of the factors others miss. Sensing the clues, the missing pieces. Drawn toward what is shadow, what is denied, what is suppressed. Most given over to that which might seem marginal or other, if we fail to pay attention to the way it is from within itself.

                Becoming that x-factor. Diving into the center of the maze. Seeing the world from the point of view of the dispossessed, of the denied, of the inconvenient factors and forces. And unable to step away from the felt experience that we can’t just leave out those parts we’ve commonly agreed to stylistically cast into obscurity. Whatever we try to get rid of will come back on us and must be heard, felt, known, made the basis for the truth to be far more comprehensive, far less self-serving and provincial.

                Driven to great lengths to dramatize, to make evident, to give representation to what even the self would prefer to avoid. Not working within the ego-mind and it’s parameters. Instead, seeking what confronts self and world with unsettling parts of the puzzle.

                When Shadow Essence is this strong, we have a concerted attempt to provoke, to sabotage, to suggest and insinuate whatever is not so very welcome and easy to assimilate. It can even be willfully perverse and caught in styles and semblance’s of outrageous excess.

                Any way you cut it, this is the surfacing of what the rest of us assumed had been put behind us. It is the circling back around to get us in touch with the earth and with unfinished business, gaping holes, anything and everything we’d like to forget.

                Right in the middle of all this controversy, a future possibility is being hatched, and it will not wait to be approved and allowed in.”


“Love the whole world as a mother loves her only child.”


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