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When I woke up yesterday morning with a very violent headache, one of the very few I’ve ever had, and all of those have occurred in the past year or so, I realized that this is no ordinary download/transmutation we are going through. I have had a bunch of milder headaches lately, but this one was verging on incredible nausea and an incapacity to use my 3D senses. It got me thinking about the Virgo/Pisces polarity that is so highly activated right now, and while I am fond of calling this polarity our zoom lens, it is also energetic connection within each of us between the Mother and the Christ Consciousness. The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are recalibrating within us all, and it’s not the most comfortable ride, that’s for sure.


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The upcoming eclipse passage takes place inside this polarity, and it delivers us to the World Axis, the Super Galactic Center, and MakeMake. You may recall that the last eclipse passage occurred on the world axis as well. These world axis related wormholes speak to the total recalibration of the human race. No one escapes it, though many still are unawakened. That’s okay. As long as one of us is, the rest are too, ultimately. That’s what 3D time is all about. It’s an illusion, and it allows the human race to ingest and metabolize what already is.


Virgo and Pisces are disposed by Chiron and Neptune respectively. That is, those two planets give these parts of our energy field their disposition, along with any planets, or archetypal energies traveling through these mansions, or contained within our own energy field in our birth charts. Both Chiron and Neptune are very VERY active right now. In fact Chiron takes part in the worm hole experience very directly, when he conjoins the New Moon on March 8 and thereby participates in the total solar eclipse that opens up the worm hole.


Chiron is in Pisces, conjunct the Moon’s South Node (the collective Earth Star Chakra), and in a major bridge with Jupiter and the Moon’s North node (the collective Soul Star Chakra) in Virgo. Chiron and Jupiter are in the middle of a long term open light bridge, the bridge that gives us access to personal mastery, and this is the very same mastery we associate with the Christ. We are all becoming the Christ now. The Christ, as it turns out, is a rank, a level of consciousness, and we’ve been headed for it from the start.


Neptune is currently about to receive a visit from the Sun, the same Sun that undergoes a total eclipse when it reaches Chiron, with the Moon. Both Chiron and Neptune are moving through Pisces, which it the limitless realm and is presided over by Yeshua the Christ (within each and every one of our energy fields). Ceres has just transited Neptune and the Sun too, revealing that there is a major birthing process going on.


When we enter the worm hole, on March 8th, humanity will undergo a major upgrade of the Light within each and every one of us. This is actually and Aries event (in Cosmic Consciousness), and it’s no surprise at all that the worm hole delivers us to the Aries New Moon on April 8th. The Ascension is here, for any one of us who has put in the focused diligence and is ready for the journey.


Just please remember it’s a wormhole, and it is likely to take you places you haven’t considered at all, not even for a moment. The trick is to go with what comes, relying on your trust and your faith in the higher purpose to keep you safe and secure. The Mantra for the Pisces mansion is “I AM Faith in Action” and the mantra for Virgo is “I AM whole.”


“The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.”

– Marianne Williamson