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Just a word about the Academy Awards last night. I was very moved by the fact that entertainers can ALSO use their influence to help right the wrongs in the world. To me, this is the epitome of selflessness, to be a major star on the planet, and use your capacity to draw so much attention to bring everyone’s focus to so many important situations that are currently plaguing (AND polarizing) on the planet. There were plenty of African Americans present, and by the end of the show the lack of representation of black artists for nominations seemed very much like a no thing. (Please don’t get me wrong.. ¬†it is something, but the academy has ALREADY changed their rules, and as we speak, the situation is already changed). It made those who boycotted appear to be ‘off’. I’m just sayin’..

Climate change, sexual abuse, and how about that Spotlight? It seems always best to focus on what IS present, and never on what is not.


MAR 1 2016


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