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The Capricorn Moon makes 4 dynamic (formerly known as ‘major’) and 4 subtle (formerly known as ‘minor’) aspects throughout the day today, making it a busy day. But in the larger scheme of things this is not a day when life altering events take place, as there are no significant planetary connections, and these days there’s at least one planetary aspect just about every day. There are two or three major events lined up for tomorrow, and so even though today is very active, it is also a day to center and get your Self prepared for the major events that promise to be unveiled tomorrow.


Mar 4 2016


It is interesting that tomorrow we will be manifesting a Mercury Mars stepping stone at the master degrees of Aquarius and Scorpio respectively, and today the Capricorn Moon forms a subtle semisquare, or STRESSOR, to each of those planets. This serves to emphasize the significance and major importance of the subtle aspects, and explains why they are being called subtle instead of minor. Minor is a word that implied something small, something not particularly important, whereas subtle expresses something entirely different.


A subtle aspect may or may not be easily identifiable, but it has, nevertheless, an important part to play in the bigger scheme of things. Subtle aspects always come in between dynamic ones… They are like the cogs in the mechanism that make life unfold the way it always does. A stressor comes between a new cycle (conjunction) and a resource (sextile). Even more technically, it falls between the subtle intimacy aspect (semisextile) and the resource. The semisextile creates a feeling of better understanding than was previously realized, and the resource makes it possible to work creatively with the energies involved. The STRESSOR brings up a circumstance that causes us to take what we know and have to get resourceful with it in order to manifest something meaningful.


These two stressors from the Moon to Mercury and the Moon to Mars this morning are important parts of the process involving both of these rulers of the mental and physical bodies. A lot is on Mercury right now. Mercury has just undergone a huge upgrade, providing a whole new mental operating system to each and every one of us.


Mercury and MArs have spend the last few years (few millennia?) exchanging archetypal meaning with each other. Mercury now has domain over the divine masculine (the higher mind) and Mars has co-domain over the divine feminine (with Venus). As Mercury and Mars interact with each other in a very dynamic stepping stone on Saturday, Mercury, the new mental operating system, informs Mars of all it needs to know as we all prepare to be physically upgraded as well.


We are on the cosmic operating table, under anesthesia, waiting for the higher Self to perform this latest swap out. These aspects this morning set us up, in most cases very subtly, to be able to take full advantage of the stepping stone on Saturday. It’s a Master’s stepping stone, occurring at 29 degrees of the respective signs involved, and it has the effect of an elevator lifting us to the next level, as each of these planets moves into a new sign before the end of the day.


This is huge. I fully expect to see things shift radically ‘out there’ Saturday, knowing full well that it is the reflection of what’s going on inside.


Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems 
most challenging.”  

– Joseph Campbell