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This is a life changing weekend, that is kicking off an extraordinarily transformational year. It’s happening now, and while we can all FEEL it ramping up, it’s next to impossible to fully grasp the full scope of what is taking place. That’s because it is unprecedented, and it’s along term transmutation that will change life as we know it in ways we have yet to comprehend. It’s big.


Mar 6 2016 Sun Saturn Stepping Stone

MAR 6 2016 Sun Pluto Resource

MAR 6 2016 Jupiter Uranus Great Eliminator






Mercury and Mars have moved into Pisces and Sagittarius, respectively. There’s a lot going on in both of these mansions of our consciousness. On Tuesday night there will be a total solar eclipse in Pisces, that also includes Venus, Mercury, Chiron, and Ceres, not to mention the Sun Moon and South Node, of course.


Neptune is sitting at 9 degrees of Pisces, and Mercury is now on his way to that meeting with the great Enlightener (next week, inside the worm hole). This is a very significant degree, because Mars is making his way to 9 Sagittarius, where he will station to go retrograde on April 17th, and Saturn will go retrograde on March 25th and station to go direct ALSO at 9 Sagittarius on August 22. (And all the while Orcus, who welcomes us all to the invisible realm, sits at 9 Virgo, creating a majorly multidimensional WISDOM CROSSROAD).


The wisdom signs are the ones we used to call mutable. Mutability brings change, WISDOM, when applied, brings mastery. This wisdom crossroad will be in effect through to the Fall. The winds of change, MASTERFUL change, are upon us. They already have a hold on us, and they are beginning to stir our souls.


Tomorrow we enter the dark of the Moon, and that will be well earned after the huge events of this weekend. Then, on Tuesday night the wormhole opens, and the limitless realm (Pisces) offers up its endless possibilities to each and every one of.  Be ready for the sideways elevator. Be willing to move in a direction you didn’t know existed.


“Sometimes the best way to remain sane is to love like crazy. 

Everything, everywhere and everyone.”

Works for me,
The Universe    (Mike Dooley)