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We are in the throes of a major worm hole that is kicked off by a Pisces New Moon Total Solar Eclipse tomorrow night. That in itself would be a huge event, because Pisces is the limitless realm that exists in our consciousness, and an eclipse inside the limitless realm can produce, well, just about anything. But this is NOT just a Pisces New Moon Total Solar eclipse. Not even close.

MAR 7 2016


The Piscean realm of our conscious energy field (and we all have one), is currently populated with seven planets or points, (well, six today, and Venus joins them by the end of the week). 7 planets or points is easily half of ALL the planets and points in the soular system. That’s a lot of weight, or archetypal energy inhabiting the limitless realm.


It’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when many planets gather in the limitless realm. The realm is so vast it’s hard to notice all of the energies there. There are two main clusters of Piscean archetypes coming together right now. The first group has to do with Neptune, who is the RULER or main dispositor of Pisces, at home in his own domain.


Neptune is currently in a perfect bridge with Orcus, and is in a stepping stone with Saturn, and eventually Mars. The Sun, the Moon, Ceres and very shortly Mercury have all come to visit with Neptune, and Venus will arrive here shortly. Each time a planet connects with the Great Enlightener in his home sign, we gain a little more clarity and consciousness if we’re ready, or a little more confusion if we’re not.


There’s a lot of both going on right now on this planet.


The other group is the nearly exact conjunction of Ceres, Chiron, the South Node and of course the Sun and the Moon at 19-20 Pisces. The Moon will make her way past Mercury and Neptune today, and will join the other cluster tomorrow. The Moon is, and always has been our ambassador to the rest of the Soular system, because she triggers all our emotion, which delivers us, if we let it, back to the heart.


This major eclipse point stands in EXACT polarity with Jupiter and the North Node. To be struck with the duality (opposition) of our consciousness (Jupiter) at the exact moment of a total solar eclipse (reboot of our consciousness) is mind boggling. And that’s a very good thing, because we don’t really want the mind in charge of this moment.


We enter a Piscean worm hole tomorrow, an the eclipse passage is presided over by Neptune. With Neptune managing, we will need to be wide open for the myriad of possibilities that are set to flood our consciousness. We need to float, to swim, to dive, even to breathe underwater. BELIEVE you can, because belief and faith are the keys to this Piscean domain.


I would ask if you’re buckled in, but actually free flowing is the way to go this time.


“Where you are on the journey to LOVE is insignificant as we see it.  The significance is that you are on the journey at all.”  

-Seven Sisters of Pleiades (through Lauren Gorgo)