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 Today we move into a weekend of seed planting of the highest order. The Aries new Moon was close enough to the Uranus Eris conjunction that is forming to be called conjunct, but both of our consciousness generators  are connecting with both of these Great Awakening forces throughout the next few days. It’s a big weekend.

4 9 16 Sun Uranus New Cycle

In actuality, the Moon came together with both the Awakeners on the 7th, the same day as the New Moon event. This served to infuse our feminine energies with all the unleashing of Truth that is about to happen… all in the next few days as the Sun activates and gives life to a whole new Truth.

We have seen a lot that was hidden come to Light these past few days. This is True on the political, social, and especially on the personal fronts. But whatever has been revealed is nothing compared to what is about to be unearthed. The core is releasing all that has been held within it, for whatever reason, in whatever way. We must be prepared to allow it to surface AND to release it, without drama or attachment to outcome.

This is that  moment when everything that has been so stuck inside us it has blocked our way for aeons comes up and out… like an earthquake… like a volcano.. (The intensified volcanic activities this past week are a mere preview).

But it doesn’t have to happen in the world, though much of it probably will. It happens “out there” when we can’t acknowledge it within. And when it does show up in the world, it is our responsibility to embrace what we find and work on the inner plane to whole and release it.

If we are willing to take response ability for whatever we find inside or out, the awakening can begin with us, and end so much more readily and happily.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Uranus conjunction, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 21: Pastel flags fluttering in the breeze.

We put out a signal, a hyper-intentional image, a very specific persona. This is meant to attract attention and to pull in admiration, appreciation, acknowledgment. We demand to be seen and known as an archetype, a familiar prototype, an easy symbol to rally around.

                We consume a lot of life force in promoting, pretending, persuading. A collective task comes our way. We become just what is needed, the perfect version of what everybody is looking for.

                However, this layer of virtual exhibitionism is so youthful and naïve that is suffers many blows at the hands of time. To stay like this indefinitely is to be frozen in a posture that becomes repetitive, disillusioned, devoid of substance.

                We take up a journey beyond the obvious. We are drawn off the beaten path. And we are searching for something which at first will be just another variation on familiar themes. But soon, this also loses it’s luster. No illusions endure.

                Eventually, we are drawn to the far places. We go where our past could never imagine we would wander. And now we are seeking something much greater and clearer. We are looking for content. We are drawn to inner mastery. We’ve turned the world inside out and we’ve found the missing spark, outside and in, hidden yet potent.

                Now we can turn the world into something real and enduring. We can show that if it works for us, it’s right there for others. The old showmanship proves useful after all.

                We may turn out to be the reverse of all established values. It’s wherever the path makes us go.”


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

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