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This blog is being written just two hours prior to the total Solar Eclipse that kicks off a most significant month long worm hole, and already it has affected the physical look of this daily offering!  The atmosphere is incredibly pregnant with the limitless possibilities of the massive Piscean stellium that is birthing this New Moon tonight. It’s huge… I would say it’s larger than life, if there were such a thing. Of course, there isn’t, and that might be THE most important piece of knowledge to hang onto during the wild ride we are just embarking upon. NOTHING can be larger than you, because you contain the entire cosmos within you.


MAR 9 2016


Some say the Moon went void just after the eclipse, but the Moon went on to connect with Chiron and the Nodes, and to my mind (and heart) those connections are way too major to be considered void. Chiron and the Nodes are participating in the eclipse, and so are part and parcel in kicking off the void Pisces Moon that dominates this day.


The Moon moves into Aries at 2:41pm EST, after only one subtle semisextile to Venus at 9am, and then making only one other dynamic aspect, a manifestation with Mars at 4:52pm. These are the ONLY connections today, and they allow for the essential quiet stretch that can help us to process the intensive eclipse energies and get us smoothly on our way into this massive worm hole journey.


The Aries Moon resonates with Mars, because of the trine between the two this evening, and also because Mars is the planet that rules Aries. This brings Mars front and center, with his retrograde shadow journey being accentuated, whether we realize it or not. Mars will be inside this retrograde shadow for the entire month long worm hole. The eclipses will deliver us to the Aries New Moon on April 8th, (also ruled by Mars), and Mars will go retrograde on April 17th, before that Aries New moon becomes full.


All this is to say that Mars, ruler of the physical body, is setting us all up for the major physical transmutation that is being prepped during the worm hole and activated during the Mars retrograde cycle. This physical upgrade to a new operating system will be a major theme that consistently shows up on the back burner throughout the wormhole experience.


This is contrasted with the unrelenting journey through the limitless realm, which is likely to feel like being set adrift in the ocean with nothing but your naked body to focus on. Possibilities will float past us on a regular basis, and while it may not be time to make definitive choices, some options will be impossible to ignore.


If your heart moves you, let it take you, and do your best not to preconceive the outcome.


“For as long as a dream lives inside of you there’s a plan for its time in space. “

Trust me,
The Universe    (Mike Dooley)