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Feel deeply into the Piscean energies today, and see if you can’t tell the difference in the frequencies when Venus moves into this part of our energy field and begins to resonate all her heart vibrations. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means that she is particularly comfortable here, largely because she has so many resources at her disposal. Venus in Pisces is well known for the compassion energy she exudes, but often left out is the fact that Venus was born in the ocean, and though she has domain over the more earthy Taurus, Pisces is much closer to her original Source. She is at home here, and we are definitely going to feel the shift this morning.


MAR 12 2016 Venus enters Pisces

There is so much going on in the Piscean mansion that it’s hard to be present anywhere else. Yesterday Mercury came together with Neptune, and Venus will be making the same connection at the end of this week. Ceres, Chiron, and the Sun all come together with the Earth Star Chakra, the Moon’s South Node, a procession that began last week (including the Moon, whose presence generated the total solar eclipse last week), and continues throughout this week.


Every one of these planets is being given its disposition by Neptune, who is the final depositor of every single planet in our solar system right now. Neptune, of course, IS the planet that belongs to Pisces, Pisces is Neptune’s home. Every one of these Piscean planets is currently bridging (opposing) Jupiter and the Soul Star Chakra (North Node), and they are in Virgo, disposed by Chiron, again, disposed by Neptune.


What is very interesting is that most of the planets that are NOT in Pisces or Virgo are being disposed by Jupiter first, and then Neptune. Does that makes sense? Mars and Saturn, currently in Sagittarius, are being given their disposition by Jupiter (Jupiter has domain over Sagittarius), and Jupiter then goes to Chiron and then Neptune.


Pluto is currently in Capricorn, given disposition by Saturn, going to Jupiter, and so on and so forth. EVERYTHING is being disposed by NEPTUNE, If you are awake (and I know you are) ENLIGHTENMENT is the name of this worm hole passage.  By the way, if you’re feeling vacuous, spacey and finding it difficult to focus, that doesn’t mean you’re not awake… It means you’re focused in the wrong place, and once you life your vision to your higher Self, you’ll find your bearings.


In addition, we have JUST entered this worm hole, and that usually takes a good few days to get accustomed to. This is the limitless realm, making it even harder to find your SELF within the bigger picture… that’s because the limitless realm exists WITHIN you, and you have to expand your conscious Self Awareness to locate it.


Bottom line, this is the beginning of the heart’s journey through the already activated limitless realm of potential. It’s like a fantastic dream, with all kinds of options showing up all the time. Good, bad, high, low, remember that it’s all the same, and that by the time we reach the Aries New Moon on April 8 what appears before you now will have been through a thousand minor or major shifts. Stay tuned, but NOT attached.


“Love is that power to wash, to cleanse, to purify this planet. Your Love.”

Sai Maa