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There’s a lot of activity today, which is always the case when the Moon is in Gemini. The Moon connects with Mercury and Mercury forms a very important stepping stone with Saturn this afternoon. These dynamic aspects help us to put two and two together, and there are a few more significant Mercury connections tomorrow. It’s important to remember that we are in a Neptune ruled worm hole, and that 7 planets are in residence in the Piscean portion of our energy fields. Mercury is one of them. This means that no matter what we are able to perceive today, it’s likely to morph and change as the worm hole wears on. So don’t get too attached to any perception, and certainly not to any particular outcome.


MAR 14 2016 Venus Mars Stepping StoneMAR 14 2016 Venus Mars Stepping Stone


Remember too that Mercury is busily warming up our new mental operating system. There are likely to be unfamiliar perceptions and communications to deal with. But these are just untried, not really unfamiliar. Actually, it’s more like we are returning to an old, ancient operating system with a modern twist. We’ll get used to it swiftly enough.


Venus and Mars form a stepping stone today as well, offering up an important realignment for the divine feminine within. The heart is also coming into a new alignment with the physical (as is the mind), and the physical is just beginning its major upgrade now. There’s bound to be plenty of readjustment and recalibration in the months ahead for the feminine energies. It’s a good thing all that’s required for these alignments is the allowing of them.


This is our last week before the Spring Equinox begins. The Equinox is a balancing day, when dark and light, ALL of duality, is perfectly even and balanced. The balancing of duality is what allows for ascension and awakening. Aries is the place where the Light from the higher Self comes into our physical being through the higher mind.


Next weekend Venus and Neptune come together in Pisces, producing a major new frequency for higher Love to come pouring in, and the Sun entering Aries is just the ticket. This Love has to come in through our thoughts. Our inner dialogue needs to be as kind and tender and sweet as it can possibly be. All those Piscean planets produce the perfect opportunity to practice this Self-Love talk.


0 Aries is known as the Alpha point, the place where EVERYTHING begins on the Earth Plane. If we are ready for that beginning with minds that LOVE more than anything else, imagine what kind of world we can create in the months ahead. It’s up to us, there is no way to create something new, especially in the physical, with thoughts that are old and repetitive.


This is no time to think outside the box, it’s time to LIVE outside the box. It’s time to realize there never was a box in the first place.


“Behold, I make all things new.”
– Jesus