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We’re in a little pocket of transitional energy (within an even larger one that is the worm hole), and this is a very wild ride. We are headed for the Equinox and the beginning of the next huge chapter. Sunday’s equinox produces the balance point that allows for a major conscious lift to higher ground. That process, which is actually an expansion, rather than a journey to something, delivers us to the Aries new Moon on April 7, which is also the end of the worm hole.


MAR 17 2016

This little pocket of shifting energies is very powerful. It sits between the Jupiter Pluto manifestation that took place yesterday (reigniting the Jupiter Pluto conjunction of 2007/2008) and next week’s Jupiter Saturn Stepping Stone, (related to the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 1999/2000). These two HUGE cycles, both involving Jupiter, archetype of consciousness and expansion, have both been crucial factors in the human journey to the 5D realm.


Mercury has been so active these past couple of days that it’s given us a real opportunity to try out the new operating system we’ve been bestowed with. I don’t know about you, but my senses are imbued with nothing short of super powers.


Last evening we had a very swift moving thunder storm move through my area. It was intense, but it came and went within about 25 minutes. Five minutes after it began, my whole body suddenly became super sensitive and I blew up like a balloon. It was very uncomfortable. I had just eaten some dinner, and I stood up to bring my dish to the kitchen and i could barely walk. I felt like all the food I ate was still in my throat, a shooting pain went through my stomach while my back started to spasm. It sounds awful, I know, but it was all gone in a split second (well, maybe 15 seconds), and in that instant that it all disappeared I KNEW it was the lightning storm that did that to me.


I am aware that everything that is said or done in my world is connected to everything else, and if I don’t try to understand it, it is all revealed with crystal clarity. A client talking to me about her life can be completely aligned with my son coming to tell me a story about his day. What I am most aware of is that the common denominator is ALWAYS me. Everyone in my world is connected through me. That means everything my higher Self summons into my life today is me speaking to me about me.


When we get this Truth….really get it, there is no turning back, nor is there any desire to. Slipping back into 3D is very obviously a ride taken on a fear based thought. It no longer matters what the thought is, or why it’s there. It only matters that Love be chosen asap to redirect my consciousness back to the new order.


I have to say that I wish I felt free to speak about the political scene. Not because I have a favorite or any desire to sway anyone. It’s just that this arena is SO clearly the main representation of what is going on within each of us. And if we can stay emotionally detached… if we can walk on water through this upcoming Jupiter Saturn stepping stone, so much will be revealed.


“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.”

– Carl Jung