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HAPPY EQUINOX! Here we are at the balancing point between dark and light, when the day is exactly as long as the night, and there is a kind of stillness that comes with this moment of perfect alignment. This is one of two balancing points, or equinoxes, that we experience each year, this one marks the beginning of the day becoming longer, the light becoming dominant. The zero point, 0 degrees of Aries, is the alpha and omega launch pad of our current reality. All life on earth begins again, as the Spring time begins, and the phase of the cycle that marks growth and abundance emerges. It’s interesting to note that life begins and ends only here, in the physical realm, and that in the bigger picture, when viewed from the observer’s perch, this is merely a significant turning point in an ongoing and eternal cycle.

MAR 20 2016 Sun Enters Aries


MAR 20 2016 Venus Neptune New Cycle







The Equinox chart, on the left, set for New York City, is filled with many amazing planetary energies, and nearly all of them are focal. The Jupiter Chiron bridge, which is ongoing all season, defines the vertical axis, which represents our consciousness. It reflects the major wholing process that is going on. Some of us See it, some of us are focused more on the throes of the incredible polarity that must come to a head before the new unified world can fully manifest.

Mars is rising exactly, making this ruler of the physical realm, (and the ruler of ARIES) the main event, and how fitting is that? Physicality has been the realm of duality for many thousands of years, and this duality, becoming unity, is the main theme of the Spring time.


Mars rising does tell a tale, as Mars is in his retrograde shadow, and Saturn, just behind Mars and also preparing to rise right behind Mars, is stationing. Saturn goes retrograde this coming Friday, in a wisdom crossroad (formerly known as a mutable t-square), with Saturn and Chiron, the Moon’s Nodes and Ceres. This crossroad marks the journey of the season.


Mars will not go retrograde for another month. And he will spend the entire spring time in retrograde motion. In Cosmic Consciousness, a retrograde planet brings us closer to Source. This bodes well for the unification of duality.


We are in the middle of a worm hole, an eclipse passage that began under profoundly Neptunian influence, the evidence of which is still powerfully revealed in this Equinox chart. The Pisces stellium at the bottom (core) of this picture describes the limitless realm from which we come, and which motivates all we do at this time, though that reality is very hard to discern.


The Libra full Moon lunar eclipse that occurs on Wednesday involves MakeMake and Mercury, and promises to restore divine order where chaotic influences have been running rampant for the sake of this clean up.


To sum it up, the Spring season ahead promises to deliver us to a much more unified world, and the wild west flavor of events currently dominating the scene is a temporary, but necessary process, without which we would not be able to remember that we have been centered in unity consciousness all along.


Where we focus is the key. I will discuss today’s all important Venus Neptune new cycle (conjunction) tomorrow, devoting to it the space it deserves…




“A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl.” 

Stephan Hoeller