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That was pretty interesting yesterday, all that terror inside a nearly all day void Virgo Moon. It seems to me there can be plenty of awakened understanding just by contemplating on that. There were ZERO aspects yesterday, save for a Sun Mercury contraparallel, which is a multidimensional bridge (opposition). Seems like a very rich vein to dig into, doesn’t it? It was SUCH a quiet day, planet-wise, it must be that ALL the dynamic energy that is happening today rubbed off on that still, quiet place. I would like to urge everyone to keep observing from the higher perspective. No matter what happens, it’s a movie, a dream, a PROJECTION, and NONE of it is real. This is important, because the movie is set to get a whole lot scarier, that is if we can’t find the courage to wake up and turn it all into Love.

MAR 23 2016 Jupiter Saturn Stepping Stone #2

MAR 23 2016 Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

MAR 23 2016 Mercury Sun conjunction







I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a major day. I have been talking about the Jupiter Saturn stepping stone for a while now, and I featured it in yesterday’s blog. This critical turning point will continue to resonate for a couple of months, and it does promise to transform the social consciousness on this planet into something much more unified, one way or the other.


Today’s big story is the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse at 3 Libra, conjunct MakeMake (Restorer of Cosmic Order), and the Super Galactic Center, which appears at 2 Libra from our perspective. I have been asked to explain the various Galactic Centers by one faithful reader, who wants to know how this eclipse is affected by the conjunction with that SGC today.


A Galactic Center is just what it seems, the center of a Galaxy. Every Galactic Center is a black whole, and out of that black whole comes everything that is. I have taken to calling the black whole galactic centers SOURCE These black wholes create and they demanifest. The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is what I frequently call the Galactic Center, which currently appears at 27 Sagittarius, and is actually one with the World Axis Portal of Truth (29 Sagittarius/0 Capricorn) that connects us with Source. The Black whole IS SOURCE.


Our galaxy is one of billions that belong to a local super cluster, called Laniakea. Laniakea ALSO has a Black Whole center SOURCE, called the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER. Today’s Full Moon Lunar eclipse is conjunct this black whole, which means we are being downloaded with consciousness from the Source of our Source during the lunation/eclipse event.


That local super cluster is one of four that belong to a super cluster family, and that family of super clusters, containing many many billions of galaxies, ALSO has a Black Whole SOURCE, called the GREAT ATTRACTOR. From earth, this Source of our Source of our Source falls at 14 Sagittarius. The GREAT ATTRACTOR is such a powerful SOURCE CENTER it is very aptly named. It pulls every Galaxy in all the super cluster family toward it.


What matters about this Full Moon eclipse that provides a major conduit for some very enlightened energies is that it is part of a worm hole, and it is conjunct MakeMake. This means that no matter what wild events occur now, DIVINE COSMIC ORDER will be restored. That can only mean that whatever happens, HAS TO happen in order to bring that about.


Later this afternoon there is a superior Sun Mercury conjunction, which is ALSO participating in this full Moon Lunar eclipse event. Remember that Mercury has just produced a major swap out of our mental operating system. There is SO much to be realized, but to gain any access to this information, we MUST leave the past behind and refuse to be afraid.


The next two weeks are going to tell a tale. The Truth is, that tale is being created as we go. So which will it be, Loved Ones, Love or Fear? Please don’t worry about anyone else. If JUST ONE of us can get this right, Love will prevail.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Full Moon eclipse, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:


Libra 4:  A woman bites into a lemon and makes a face.

She feels something the others don’t feel. That is the story of her life. She just cannot escape the perpetual way that she is sensitized to the shadow and she cannot just live inside sweetness and light.

                Her sensibility is warped. She gathers evidence for all the most discouraging and painful conclusions and realizations. For she is in the inside of the struggle and the heartache which fascinates her, plagues her, calls her name, has something in store for her.

                If she really goes into it, she comes out with a fine balance of her own between a fundamentally dark vision and a profound hope for something to lead beyond that land of shared reality to a better world. And she can indwell the combination of always feeling and knowing the harshest realities, with being entirely mobilized toward doing everything she can to restore inward qualities which can make each and all entirely different from what they seem fated to play out otherwise.

                Because she learns how hard it is for each one to move through the worst, she learns compassion. This is a hard won state for her. Initially, she expects and assumes that everybody here can and will keep up their part, just as a matter of course. To penetrate to the layer of true empathy, free of judgment, is perhaps her greatest hope of all.

                She needs to be that way, because she radiates an influence that is very strong. Her struggle with the common situations, her reactions against the way we all live are dissonant factors which do not go unheeded. What kind of influence can she be if she really gets it that the collective shadow we face has broken each of us down, and we will not get out of this until we are embraced just as we already are. Direct experience of this truth is hard-earned here.”


“This is something basic to be understood: the ego must come to a peak, it must be strong, it must have attained an integrity only then can you dissolve it.”

– Osho


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