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So many of us have been through resurrections of our own, making yesterday’s celebration that much more powerful. The week ahead is major, because both Mercury, (ruler of the new mental operating system) and Venus (ruler of the heart) activate huge planetary energies this week that promise to take us into brand new pastures. We are finishing up our journey through the worm hole, and there are certainly a few unexpected curves still on tap. an open mind and a surrendered heart will get you through.


MAR 28 2016


Mercury came through the Ceres, Chiron Earth Star (South Node) corridor last week, opening us to an immense, if not somewhat wonky, new approach to our lives. the new operating system has shown us limitless possibilities, and now it is for us to practice working with the surrendered mind. Life is so thoroughly different when we are not insisting that we have to know what’s next. The possibilities are free to arise, and the heart is free to respond, and this constitutes a whole new way of being.


This week Venus will come through that same corridor, making contact with Ceres, the Earth Star Chakra (our collective karma) and Ceres, in that order, all at the end of this week. The heart begins to function as a first responder, which promises to be a completely new experience for all of us. We have been so much more accustomed to calling on the heart to heal things after our fear based reactions have wreaked havoc on our lives.


While Venus takes up her new job, Mercury is set to trigger the Uranus Eris event. The ruler of the masculine Self has the distinction of being the first lower body ruler to activate and bring front and center the upcoming Uranus Eris triple conjunction when he comes together with Uranus on March 31 and then with Eris on April 2. The other lower body rulers will follow.


As ever, Mars will bring up the rear, and he will not get to the Uranus Eris connection until February 26, 2017, during the Piscean solar eclipse that occurs at 9 Pisces, (where Neptune has just made all those important connections with each of the lower body rulers, except for Mars). WOW. Next February we will be headed for the end of the Uranus Eris triple conjunction, and Mars, the Great Energizer, with his new feminine edge, will be the ultimate trigger for the ascension that is just getting started right now.


All this gets activated this week. These energies are so big there is no way to truly grasp it all as we go through it. It is best to realize we are being affected by some of the grandest energies ever to be available to humanity, and to resolve to be patient and surrendered to whatever comes. This is no time for attachment or (dare I say it) fear.


Love is, and always has been, the only answer.


“You are watching the mind, which is trying to find you.”