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The Sun is busily bringing our new consciousness to life, as we are brought into a new frequency alignment with Uranus AND Eris, the two Awakeners. The Sun came together with Uranus late last night, and he will come together with Eris early Tuesday morning. That makes this weekend one of the most transformational times for everyone and everything in the human story.

4 10 16 Mercury Mars Great Eliminator

Give diligent attention to the parts of you that are waking this weekend… As though some long dormant aspect of your Self is sitting up and stretching. It should be obvious. When an aspect of Self wakes, the difference is immediate. Embrace what comes, and rejoice in it.

I will give more focus to the Sun Eris conjunction tomorrow, even though it doesn’t actually occur till early Tuesday. That’s because Tuesday is a very busy day, and I want to give all the dimensions of our current transmutation their due.

Today Mercury and Mars form a Great Eliminator at 4:46pm EDT. A Great Eliminator, aka the inconjunct aspect, always bring us to a conscious fork in the road.  When this connection occurs between two planets, not only are the two archetypes involved very obviously producing a need for diligence, and also producing the need to make an ultimate decision about the Truth of what we are doing.

This is the first time I personally have looked at an inconjunct and realized that in the new consciousness is can’t actually be about choosing between two paths, which is what this connection has meant to us in the 3D realm. It has to be about acknowledging both roads, both options, and learning how to embrace them both in such a way that there is no slowing down.

The fork becomes apparent because there has been hesitation and or difference between the two archetypal functions, and now there has to be a way to bring them into harmony. In this case it is SO essential, because we are working with Mercury and Mars, two very personal archetypes that have been through a great deal of transmutation during the past few years.

Mercury and Mars have switched places, Mercury becoming the true male archetype, clearing up aeons of confusion about what male energy actually is. Mercury has also just been through a major upgrade process, delivering a new mental operating system, functioning at a much higher frequency than ever before, to each and every one of us.

Mercury and Mars have long been comingled in their retrograde processes too, usually overlapping. Mars is just now undergoing the same kind of upgrade to a higher frequency (this time at the physical level) as Mercury has just done.

This Great Eliminator today could refer to the need to eliminate the older Mars energies related to our physicality, so that we may awaken to the higher Truth of why we are here in physical form. It may also refer to the need to eliminate any residual old belief systems that may stubbornly be hanging about.

In the biggest picture though, this Mercury Mars inconjunct has to be about releasing any and all energies that may still be preventing the successful blending and merging of the two lower body rulers, for once and for all. It seems as though this coming together today is a great blessing, coming as it does just before the Mars retrograde and the entry of Mercury into his retrograde shadow. It should provide each of us with information we will need to move efficiently and successfully through the coming retrograde cycles.

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” 
– Marcel Proust