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Whether you experienced a profound inner blast off or not, you have been launched into the new consciousness.  Believe it or not, the place in your chart where 23 Aries falls is a major factor in determining whether the Sun Eris conjunction was dynamically up front for you or much more subtle. There is also the fact that the aspect actually occurs this morning, so your inner earthquake may still make itself known.

4 12 16 Venus Mars Manifestation

4 12 16 Mercury Neptune Resource

There are two more major planetary events today, besides the Sun Eris conjunction. First Mercury and Neptune form a resource, even before the Sun Eris event, very early this morning (EDT). Mercury is very busy this week, calibrating and activating our new mental operating system. His resource (sextile) with Neptune this morning gives us breadth of vision, and the capacity to bring our dreams into full view. Mercury’s journey through Taurus has only just begun, as he will station and go retrograde in this part of our conscious energy field at the end of the month, and spend most of May ALSO in Taurus. More than anything else, this means that our new operating system is being brought fully into the physical, bringing the higher consciousness into the world.

Preceding the Sun Eris as this aspect does, we are fortunate to be filled with all the resources we need to bring the inner urge for change to the surface. It’s as though the higher consciousness meets the inner core karmic debris that is FINALLY ready for ultimate clearing, and who can say where all that connecting will lead?

Later today Venus and Mars form a very important trine, with Mars in his storm period, already pulling into his station, where he will go retrograde on April 17th. Venus and Mars can now be recognized as co-rulers of the divine feminine Self. Mars is in charge of RIGHT ACTION… that is, action that comes directly from the heart. This manifestation this afternoon gives each of us the chance to allow the feminine Self to BE MOVED by the events of the morning, and to realize in the process what is changing within us.

With all the lower body rulers so highly activated this week, there is plenty going on at the personal level, and most of it can be realized in the form of transmutation that has already occurred and is causing each of us to approach our lives differently than before. Pay attention to that difference. It marks the first step or two you are taking into the new world.

“When I didn’t resist I could see the world.”

Pema Chodron