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That was quite an energy wave of physical and metaphysical transmutation, courtesy of the Mars and Pluto stations. I don’t know anyone who was not affected by it, though some much more subtly than others. And one thing is for certain, this is only the beginning, though the wallop will likely become much easier to handle.


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There’s a small ebb in the energy blitz for today and much of tomorrow as we build toward the Scorpio Full Moon very early on Friday morning. That Full Moon actually begins to build when the Moon moves into Scorpio at 8:20pm tomorrow night. The Full Moon carries some very huge, multidimensional energies, as it is conjunct the Black Hole Shapley, which is the Source of one of our neighboring superclusters. To be able to have even the slightest awareness of the Source energy of a nearby supercluster is miraculous in its own right.


Scorpio is a powerfully alchemical sign, as well as being focused on the metaphysical. There’s a lot of new consciousness due to pour in, and this full Moon blast precedes Venus’s arrival at the Uranus Eris conjunction this coming weekend.


The latter event(s) add to the blast that has completely changed the world these past couple of weeks. Venus promises to be more heart centered, but Uranus Eris is a major force to be reckoned with.


I was talking to a client whose Sun is at 25 Aries, well in range of the upcoming triple Uranus Eris conjunction. This client is a double Aries, born shortly before the new Aries Moon. His Mars is in Aquarius. We spent a lot of time discussing the importance of accessing the new male archetype, and how his life is currently focused on the idea of bringing a balanced female energy into his considerable Martian vibration. He’s young and he has a major leg up on it.


It reminded me that every one of us is on that same course, because his Sun, his consciousness, IS the consciousness of the ultimate Uranus Eris conjunction. We will have to put up with a lot of transformation and transmutation on every physical plane that exists, but we will get there, because we are, despite current evidence, already there.


Our work remains removing the debris and lack of light that prevents our realization of this Truth.


“Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.” 

– John Lennon