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 For a week that was supposed to be expansive and liberating, it’s been a pretty intense ride. That Grand Earth Manifestation is so vast and all encompassing, in the sense that the Taurus planets covers the very personal, very individual perspective, Jupiter covers the social perspective and Pluto covers the collective. The Taurus planets are still coming together like vital parts of a recipe percolating, and the Jupiter Pluto trine is changing everything, in the biggest sense of the word. And it’s not over yet. It’s like one of those giant waves, with energies that are undeniable, that is impossible to realize fully while its happening. And because it is manifesting a totally new world, the strangest, deepest, most amazing things are happening, all the way around.

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No one escapes this wave. We are all being transmuted at the physical level. And whatever is happening is bringing up the oldest, deepest core stuff for each and every one of us. I lost a long time reader and a long time student this week, both of them screaming very unpleasant things at me. And while I understand they are projecting their own stuff, both of them said things that bothered me. And I went in, and I searched, and what I realized was that it’s all related to the core voicelessness I have been clearing. These two women were screaming at me the things I scream at my Self but don’t hear my Self screaming. I am grateful to both of them for the parts they played in my process. We all do that for each other all the time, and its up to us to realize our Selves in the process.

Yesterday, before these two people canceled their memberships, my basement flooded, because the person who lives here (a friend) who is in charge of the landscaping left a hose on before he left for 2 weeks in the Vineyard. The water filled the ground and then seeped in through the outer wall. Needless to say I lost some stuff, but worse than that, my son lives in the basement and he has a lot of electrical equipment. It is a major blessing that he was home and he caught it and turned the water off before any serious damage was done.

The main message is I am blessed and it was time to clear that sticky stuff that’s been scraped up at the bottom of the barrel. It FELT like a major rinse, and today, though I am STILL deep in the transmutation process physically, a lot of the pain lifted.

I know someone who lives in California who was told by the gas and electric company that every home in her area needs new lines within 24 hours because they are old and can cause a lot of damage. They changed the pipes today and handed her a bill for $3500, saying the tenants will be responsible, and everyone in the town got the same bill!

I know another woman who was walking down the street in Manhattan, where she has lived all her life, and she suddenly felt as though she wanted to stop but couldn’t. She could not stop moving. She ‘fell’ off the curb onto her face, busted her lip and cracked her two front teeth. She still can’t understand what happened. (Tests showed nothing).

Cures for cancer are emerging everywhere. Everything is changing, and as difficult as this transformation is, it is, and it’s a great blessing, because it is making it possible for us to live in this new world.

Stay tuned to you.

“You can always ask yourself what the “wisest you” would do. 

And prepare to be astounded.” 

    The Universe   (Mike Dooley)