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Whew! It appears that every time Uranus and Eris connect with a lower body ruler the world sees more disruption….With the Sun doing the aspecting this weekend, it is affecting each of us personally at the level of Self-Awareness. What upheaval is affecting your life right now that is causing you to take a much closer look at you?

7 16 16 Sun Mars Manifestation - Copy

7 16 16 Mercury Venus New Cycle - Copy

7 16 16 Sun Uranus Stepping Stone - Copy

Look around at the world. Another attack on innocent people, a coup in Turkey, major flooding in China, and that isn’t even here in the US. The presidential campaign gets more bizarre every day, there’s flooding in the South, drought and fire in the west.

This is all the reflection of Self. To resolve these issues in the world, do what you can to resolve them within you. Attack and coups are related to anger. Drought and flooding to emotional flow. Emotional flow is feminine, Anger is masculine, there is very little balance anywhere.

There’s a lot going on today, as evidenced by the three charts that are up. Stepping stones to Eris and Uranus from the Sun, and the Sun and Mars manifesting a whole new physical consciousness. The Sun’s stepping stones are clearly a part of the manifestation process. That is, all the disruption is majorly connected to the new physical consciousness that is manifesting now.

Even more importantly today, Venus and Mercury begin a new cycle, in Leo, the Sun’s sign, (hence this is very much related as well). Thus begins the new balance between mind and heart, masculine and feminine, that promises to transform our experience of the world.

It’s important to note that the 3D world will go on for some time, but the 5D world is birthed and ready to inhabit. All we have to do is step into the higher Self to BE there. The upcoming Full Moon is the blossom of that New Moon conjunct Sirius that created the emotional surge we are in. If it’s connected to Sirius, it’s all about the higher consciousness.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Mercury new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Leo 6:  A hamster running in a treadmill.

 “I am a pattern-tracer. I track myself as I go. My sharp intent is to be both witness and participant. If I can hug the edge between avid involvement and immense objective detachment, I can go anywhere, do anything, and still remain aligned with purpose and serenely cool and clear.

                My soul battles between opposite extremes. One side of my soul is desperate to get lost in sensation, to become the event, to be swallowed up in experience. This part of me is wild, crazy, chaotic, volatile, and infinitely precious to me. For that one is Earth Alive, has the guts of her convictions, is able to let go into what is here with the most amazing candor and freshness.

                Another side of my soul is stalwartly convinced that consciousness is the key to life and that being poised in observant quietude is the supreme attainment. That side pulls me to wake up, to mature, to get it together. With profound spirit will, this one is my core self doing what it does best, which is pure monitoring, out of wisdom and truth.

                But I am rarely either of these. I am both mixed together. And it’s a very rough combination. I’ve gotta be both to be myself. Nothing less will satisfy me.

                I am driven by a peculiar destiny. It is my path to be lost and found, confused and clear, outer and inner. What I am seeking through all this is to discover somebody in here who is both and more. Yet only raw experience will get me there. So I must make mistakes and go to extremes and alarm everybody.

                The witness inside has seen it all already. They await me around every bend. My path is to stay in the mix, even though I know better, and keep on cooking.”


“Adversity is like a strong wind.  It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.”

– Arthur Golden


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