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There’s a lot going on today, including the Eris station and the Full Capricorn Moon tonight. There is a channel coming through me that I am just going to put out here, because it feels urgent. If the energies feel over the top today, it’s important to recognize how normal that is right now. So much disruptive voltage coming from the Eris station would be enough to take us into places that feel uncontrollably unprecedented, but the Full Moon is going to make it a certainty that we are emotionally over our heads. Let it BE what it is. Keep observing. The Full Moon in Capricorn is good at containing emotion normally. Today it reflects a Sun that is moving quickly toward Varuna, after a Grand Water manifestation with Mars and Chiron (yesterday). We are in deep deep waters which, when accessed from the higher Self, turns into a multidimensional consciousness that we have not tapped before. Varuna provides an observer’s perch that is more all-Seeing than anything that’s come before. So let the strange wildness unfold. There is a new level of consciousness available to those who partake of Varuna’s eye to See.

7 19 16 Eris turns Retrograde - Copy

7 19 16 Mercury Saturn Manifestation - Copy

7 19 16 Mercury Neptune Great Eliminator - Copy

7 19 16 Capricorn Full Moon - Copy

Aside from the Eris station and the Full Moon tonight there are two Great Eliminators today, the first of five that occur this week. That’s a lot of forks in the road. Again, we must cultivate the art of sending our consciousness ahead down all roads that are viable and intuiting what feels best or more appropriate. Sending consciousness ahead is not a thought process. We have no need to understand what has not happened yet… in fact, we have no real capacity to understand the uncharted realm.

Varuna can help a lot. Turn your lower senses over to this All Knowing archetype that is a part of your higher consciousness and allow it to sow you something you’ve never seen before. you will if you allow it.

Moving down paths that are very much alternative realities combined with an Eris station and a Full Moon can truly deliver us to brand new ground. Today’s two great eliminators are all about Mercury connecting with Saturn and Neptune. Venus will follow suit beginning tomorrow. This is all part of the male female recalibration and new balance that is manifesting as we move through this energy that just barely makes any sense. Keep your mind and heart open and keep moving.

I want to offer two of Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations today. One for Eris’ station, the other for the Full Moon. Please check out Christine Clemmer’s new weekly report and Anne Harris’ new Moon report (links above) for more clarity and inspiration. The meditations that follow are reprinted with Ellias Londale’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 24:   A harp which plays itself. (The Eris Station)

I empty myself of my own experience and I am filled by what we are moving through here. I deprive myself of the privilege to make my own music. Then the music that exists finds that I am just the one to tune and respond.

                I am greatly delighted to be able to make way. It releases me from the burden of separative selfhood. Each arising occasion becomes yet another opportunity to divest myself of baggage and become attuned to something I’ve never had before, I’ve never been ready to make way for till now.

                When I am on, everything that needs to happen flows through me and I facilitate events, experiences, encounters, epiphanies. That frequency of staying on the beam with what arises in the free moment is where I can shine, for I know how to be light, clear, effortless. I am aware of what it takes to let all of us be present, each of us as fully as we can be in this crystalline breath.

                I do not know what to do with myself when I am supposed to get on with my own concerns. I have nothing really to do. I only come alive when the pulse is engaged. There is nothing else to even prepare for or pretend to be aroused by.

                So I come across as simple-pointed and almost narrow. I certainly am purposive and steady on. But it’s the receptivity, the availability, the quiet interior resource which is actually what I manifest in this life.

                I am a partner in a dance. I am one part of a greater whole. My facet is complete unto itself. Yet it really takes a shared moment for this to come alive as intended. I live for the sensation of being tapped, of being asked to give of my essence and let the truth resound all through my being. How can I not seek the charged moment of encounter? I am the breath of new life, awaiting winds that blow.”


  Capricorn 28:  A mirror covered with a fine film of dust.  (The Full Moon)

 “Seeing through a glass darkly. Remembering the way it’s always been. Consciousness glued to the scene of past visions, old cycles, everything that has gone on previously and seems to be repeating itself all over again.

                Doubt coloring all perceptions. Self-judgment hounding the viewer. A bias against the self and all it’s old familiar worlds and those who people those worlds. Suspicion. Seeing the worst, looking for flaws.

                An introspective frequency. So many inner voices saying, “this is what you’re like,” “there it is again.” Susceptibility to the influences of negative opinion, belief, assumption.

                Yet the need here is to constellate all this, to work it out. The self is given over to a greater task. This involves the collective purging of ghosts. The self takes these things on as it’s own. But the burden of responsibility lies with us all.

                It is a reckoning, a calling up of shadows, a bearing of the soul. It is the clearing of the ancient decks. Sometimes it gets tangled up in these wastelands. For it is so fascinating and compelling to be in on the bad news that we have all been so very lost for so long.

                The task is graphic and explicit. Take on and take up all the understuff, see it through and be done with it. The hardest part is to be done with it. We get caught in the cycles and keep on looking in that rear view mirror.

                There is an awakening possible amidst this shadow task and it’s endless ripples. We come to realize that we can release any and all blame, as we see the whole picture and cease demanding that it should have been otherwise. All is as it needs to be.”


“Shut yours eyes so the heart may become your eye and with that vision look upon another world.”

~ Rumi

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