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There is one off the hook week coming up, not that the last several weren’t. But we are smack in the middle of the Lion’s Gate Portal with today’s 8:8 Star Gate, which means we are being downloaded with the keys and codes that serve us most efficiently for this transmutation process that is taking us to the new consciousness the is the new world. Mercury moves into his retrograde shadow this week and Saturn goes direct. Mars slips out of bounds for a very VERY long journey into uncharted territory. Jupiter moves more fully into a bridge with Chiron, and Venus forms her own Wisdom intersection (mutable T-Square) with Saturn and Neptune. Whew!

8 8 16 Mercury Soul Star New Cycle

On top of all that, Mercury comes together with the Soul Star chakra (the Moon’s North Node) today, while we move through the portal of the Lion’s Gate. It is interesting that Mercury came together with Orcus (the invisible realm) and with the Soul Star Chakra today, before he moves into his retrograde shadow in two more days. That means he will not revisit these meetings, and therefore the new cycles that begin are meant to be just what they are. Does that make sense?

These new cycles are inexorably what they present to us, and though we may not fully realize their meanings immediately, we won’t need to revisit them to gain that understanding. We’ll just need some space, formerly known as time.

The inner planets are very actively aligning them Selves with newer, more multidimensional energies, each in their own way. Venus will set up in a wisdom bridge with Neptune and form a stepping stone with Saturn, and then she will come together with Mercury just before Mercury goes retrograde on August 31. This is a huge connection that will shift the male female balance one more time in a very big way.

Mars, ruler of the physical body, is preparing to journey outside the ecliptic for months. This is reflective of the newly transmuted physical experience we are manifesting now. The world will go through some major shifts while Mars travels through uncharted territory. But we have been through enough to know what to do with these new multidimensional shifts as they show up.

Today’s Mercury Soul Star new cycle speaks to our higher mind connection with Source. A new cycle is a new cycle. We can’t truly know what it brings, but cosmic consciousness is what makes it possible to know it is starting here, and to be centered and still and open to what comes.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for this new cycle. It is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Virgo 13:   A man with hair on his back.

 “Standing for a truth that is instinct, that is gut reality. Being willing and able to back up a passion for life and a desire to be in touch and in tune with all things from ground level. Vibrantly ecstatically tuned to the path of planting evolution. Not standing back to watch. Thrust into the fire every time.

                Anatomy is destiny. A force of primal futures reborn, swelling up, springing into the desire to be heard, to be felt, to be acknowledged as on with things. An immense power coiled up in the depths of the spine. A regenerative transfusion that never runs dry.

                Being overwhelmed and taken over by the impulse to get on with things, whatever it takes. Not being able to restrain or qualify or ease the transmission of urgent dynamism. Sensing all essential matters to be life or death, all inward truth to be needing to enact itself on this spot, or else betray the cause.

                A propensity for fierce allegiance to whatever is deemed to be actively on course with the common destiny. Giving his all for what will serve. Not held back by the usual considerations. Just absolutely bent upon being in the flesh what the soul stands for and the path lays out as where we go next.

                Nothing but conviction. No doubts. One-pointed expression. The grace of those who have always known what they are about and why. Cohesion among the levels.

                An intensity of demeanor that is entirely in-your-face. Not backing off for anything. Hot on the tack of solutions, of ways through. Sharing these avidly.

                A wild streak that never can be captured by words, actions, adventures. It remains just there on the inside sending sparks in all directions. And this does seek outlet. Any strong direction promises lots of release to this world-opening force. Yet it stretches the forms and pushes toward open territory.”


Stay tuned to you.


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
– Lao Tzu


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