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The shadows keep on coming. It almost seems as though they are here to stay, thank goodness we know that can’t be True. The only way to work with shadows is to acknowledge them and then allow your Love (your Light) to devour them. The Light is the only thing that can dispel shadows. But even when it does, there is always going to be some shadow in the far edges of spotlight. In fact, it’s darker there than almost anywhere else. What I am learning here this week is that shadows must be allowed… they must be recognized as perfectly acceptable, and they must ultimately be loved into Light.

8 26 16 Mars Neptune Stepping Stone

We can thank the Mars Neptune stepping stone today for bringing all that shadow into view. Whatever you’re going through, it isn’t new to you. It isn’t even something you haven’t dealt with very efficiently before. But such is the nature of shadow. It’s compelling, and if you’re not focused in the right place, it will drag you back into it. No matter how temporarily, it will haunt you, or rough you up, or sometimes even make you cry.

But it’s an essential ingredient to the current integration process that is taking place… that HAS TO take place on this entire planet right now. I am here, in Mount Shasta, doing some important Light work. I came here to do it and it’s getting done. But we are not exempt here from the shadows. They are permeating everything right now, because the world is completely polarized and the dark and Light are everywhere you look.

There is nowhere you can look without finding them, except for an undivided focus on Source. We know it, yet it is SO difficult to do it. It’s a day for watching all those shadows come up and then consciously shining your light right at them. You are a Light worker, it’s your job. If you get caught in the shadow, your Light is no longer functional in the way it needs to be. While this lack of function may be temporary, there is no space, no time, no reason to miss a chance to pt Light where there isn’t any.

This is the time. We are headed for the greatest integration and balancing of inner male/female energies that we’ve ever known. That balance will be achieved and then it will be eclipsed. Do your best to remember that eclipses are important things and they always offer the opportunity to take a leap you would never be able to take otherwise.

Be still today, as still as you can. Go in, meditate. Connect with Source.

This is the moment we’re all here for. Don’t take your eyes off you.

The lust for comfort will murder the passion of the soul, then, walk grinning in the funeral.”
Endure! Yes, this is a gift that must, at first, be endured to be fully realized.

Khalil Gibran (AND Padma Wine)