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From Los Angeles:

Well, we knew the world was going to change this week, and that election day was completely Uranian. Uranian surprises wake us up, and the blindside that resulted from this election promises that. Donald Trump has come because we need to see the underbelly of the ego driven world we have created. The Neptunian bridge with Orcus next week that involves the Nodes is the ultimate veil lifter. There is so much to be revealed. It is imperative that we stay centered and unaffected by the fear that can do so much to diminish the Light we carry.



 I had a lot of brilliant comments from you my readers, and I want to print some of them here:

This from Padma Wine:

“I know a young woman who was once diagnosed with brain cancer.  She refused traditional treatment and instead, traveled to Peru to be treated by a shaman.  He treated her with Kampo.  It is a deadly poison from the skin of a tree frog.  She was given small doses of the poison over time.  She was terribly I’ll after each treatment.  She felt like she would die. Instead the treatments strengthened her immune system so much that it destroyed the brain cancer tumer.  She has been Cancer free for over 6 years.  I share this story now because it makes me think of what’s going on with our government now.  Maybe the one who appears to be a poison, and is making so many of us sick, can actually cause the people to rise up and completely fight the real problems of the system.”

And: “I’d like to add that “taking the poison” certainly wasnt my choice yesterday but it seems that the Divine has other plans.”

And this from one of my newer students, Jeannine Kim:

“Do we see the Divine Perfection in this moment?
In ANY moment? 
We design these moments, any moment, to
reveal to us our deepest, darkest pockets of fear.
Those moments that we may have otherwise, not seen.
How much more ego inhabits our being?
Ego is the fear.
Ego is the judgement.
These moments clearly deliver us to them.
Did this moment deliver you there?
What a gift!
Now we can look at them with the Divine
remembrance…there is ONLY Love.
THIS moment, is our greatest gift
to ourselves.”

The bottom line here is, we must continue to believe in the divinity of all things. It isn’t enough to believe in it when it’s convenient. This is our greatest chance to walk the talk ever. This wasn’t just a Uranian moment, it was Eris as well.. the GREAT DISRUPTOR, who disrupts out of extreme and prolonged discontent.

Donald Trump has a major role to play in the scheme of things. Here is another observation from Jeannine, this one more astrological (and very brilliant I might add:

“I also find it so interesting that on this
dawn of the Age of Aquarius…
the being that will be significant in walking
us into that space has powerful Uranian
influence in his chart…a Sun, North Node, Orcus, Uranus
Stellium in a new beginning disposed by Gemini (die-mind/aka beliefs) in the 11 O’clock hour of Social Consciousness.  That alone to me feels like he will be delivering us to the pure intended purpose of our Dharmic Destination, our evolved higher minded self through his Awakener essence and influence.  All this happened on a Uranian charged election day.    To me, the intention of St. Germain The Ascended Master and Avatar for our New World Aquarian Age might feel like the Sun and North Node together….once his powerful purple flame has burned and released the karma of our past.  A rebirth and restart in our eternal meeting place of Orcus …meant to deliver all with this deep understanding consciously residing in our beings.”

It is all meant to be, though we may not see it right away. Neptune’s veil is like that, but it is about to lift and show us all the way to the highest Truth of all this. Who knows how that will manifest? PLEASE don’t try to figure it out, or believe for one moment that you know how it will come to pass. We don’t know, but come to pass it will.

I talked the other day about the Saturn Pluto connection today… A subtle semisextile that I like to call the aspect of intimacy. Saturn, which could be perceived as the archetype for government itself, and Pluto, Resurrection, are learning new things about each other so that a complete and total transformation can take place.

Hold steady. Remember your role in this transitional time. Shine your Light, keep your heart open, and stay tuned to you, even when that gets a little difficult.

“The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you.  The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.”   ––Abraham-Hicks