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 Let’s take a closer look at yesterday’s Venus Neptune New Cycle (conjunction). It occurred late last night, after all the intensity of the Full Moon Wisdom Crossroad simmered for a while. That crossroad remains open today, so don’t hesitate to work on those core issues that come up, using your heart instead of your head. These are old issues, (and we are looking at them playing out in the world too), but they require new solutions. Fortunately we are in an unprecedented moment of evolutionary acceleration and anything is possible now. 

Venus came together with Neptune in Pisces, a quality of consciousness that is deeply attuned to the limitless realm. Pisces is the sign of the ocean, where you may remember Venus met her “demise” in the mythological story. Sedna, the higher octave of Venus met the same “demise”. We are currently working to re-member the feminine, that is, to put her back together.


Neptune is not only the well-known ruler of the ocean, he is also hard at work at the moment holding the multidimensional light bridge with Orcus that has been manifesting throughout 2016. It’s interesting to note that the bridge is starting to dissipate, as Neptune moves on to the 11th degree of Pisces and Orcus has retrograded back to the 9th degree. Venus is currently holding this bridge open for those who have not yet stepped on to it. 

That means a lot of things. First, the bridge itself is lifting the veil to expose the shadow that has been created by milennia of living in duality, and second, this bridge is offering each and every one of us a way to remember who we truly are. That is, this bridge has restore to our memory, and very successfully so, the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Whether you realize this fully yet or not, if you have had the courage to surrender to Truth you know is there but cannot yet See, this bridge will remain open eternally. The only place where things do not sustain their substance is here, in the physical. If you have begun this journey back to your higher Self in any way shape or form, that is, if you are on the Path at all, this bridge is yours to take whenever you choose to.

Venus’ presence here means those who are surrendering to the higher Truth now must do so from the heart and the heart alone. That is always true, on some level, but many of us had the “advantage” of starting from a mental place and getting to the heart anyway. That is not really an option any more. It’s interesting that as we leave duality, the substance of duality becomes and either or thing.

Venus is bridging with Orcus and beginning a new cycle with Neptune. Your heart is the place to go for realization and awareness now. Remember that the heart is still in process of ‘wholing’. That is to say, the divine feminine is still coming back together to her full level of empowerment. That said, it’s important to note that Venus is just beginning her process of upgrade to 5D level consciousness. This Venus Neptune new cycle represents the lifting of the veil that covers (and started out as protecting) the heart, and it also marks the beginning of a much larger cycle for Venus.

It involves a triple conjunction and new cycle with Chiron, among many other things. Venus will move into her retrograde shadow at exactly the same time Mercury (finally) comes together with Pluto… on January 29th. At that time she will cross 27 Pisces, (in stepping stone with the Galactic Center and Mercury’s recent triple conjunction there). She will make it to 14 Aries before she goes retrograde on March 4th. Much more about this in the weeks to come.

For now, let’s look at Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Venus Neptune new cycle, which occurs at 10 Pisces 01, the 11th degree of the sign. This passage is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Pisces 11:  A high, crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy.


What we are most up against is whatever we have made our own. This tends now to come back upon itself and to re-invent itself in ways both compulsive and illuminating. We have these memory-worlds which carry a lot of energy in them. Can we, will we, discharge that voltage, unplug from their steep caress, and be done with nightmares, the phantoms we insisted upon for so long.

                The path is to clear these entangling, thick  lies in releasing ourselves from a very old sense of self, perhaps taken as a given. We have hidden behind the disguise of being somehow passive and a product of experience. We have lain low in the underbrush of the familiar, the commonplace, the repetitive, the reassuring. It is that very sense of self we’ve built up and carried as our fortress against the world which is now giving way and must be relinquished at even deeper levels.

                There is somebody in here trying to get out. There is a thrashing, insistent force in here that cannot stay cooped up one moment longer. There is a staggering build up of frustration,    unsearched, realms unplumbed, lives not lived. Everybody in here wants to come out now.

                That primal cry echoes from every side of our world. Is it our own plea? Is it this earth that is casting us forth? Is it everybody here at once saying the same thing in that same voice?

                The structures, the forms, the containers hold this energy of memory. They are as strong as we keep making them. As we become ourselves again, the way it seems to be cracks and cracks again. We are being released now inside the belly of the whole. There is somebody here who never could abide the fixed self world.”


“You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this Universe. You didn’t come into this world; you came out of it.

Like a wave from the ocean.”

Alan Watts

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