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 “Your soul has a permanent passport to eternity. Knowing you cannot go back to the limited self you once were, you are able to welcome the chaos of great planetary change that is occurring all around you and within you.”

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

We are absolutely positively inside the prophecied time which features the lifting of the veil and the second coming of Christ. We are the Christ, and the Christ is a rank of consciousness. It is the higher Mind, and the new mental operating system that is just manifesting fully now is delivering each and every one of us to the Christed Self.

The Neptune Orcus bridge is the exact cosmic reflection of what is going on within us, and it is described pretty accurately in the passage above. Venus came to participate in this bridge a few days ago, and now the bridge is breaking up. That is, the polarity between the Great Enlightener and the Immortal Self is no longer energized. But as I said recently, if you’ve set even one foot on this bridge, if you’ve seen any Truth unveiled at all lately (and we all have), the bridge is yours to make good use of forever.

Today Jupiter and Eris form a perfect bridge that also involved Uranus, Ceres and Haumea. This is also very obviously a multidimensional bridge. A bridge gives us access to parts of our Self that are typically unavailable and frequently unnoticed. Expect the unexpected. I would say it doesn’t seem there’s anything more unexpected possible, but we all know better than that.

Remember Yeshua and Mary Magdalene… Twin Flames who delivered the Keys and Light Codes for the ascension they went through 2000 years ago to all of humanity. We are all here because we were there. We are all here to ignite the flame that they birthed in our DNA, to hold the space of Love while duality explodes, the veils lift and Love is all that remains.

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, in concert with the assistance of cast cosmic and planetary levels of consciousness, co-created a seeding for global ascension, which is coming into its full realization during your new millennium. They did not experience this assistance as coming from a rescuing agent outside themselves, taking their power away. Their consciousness was in unity with the cosmic realms. In this way the assistance they received was experienced as their cosmic presence facilitating ascension through the physical aspects they represented. When you know this kind of co-creative unity, your initiations will be like doors opening to the greater and greater opportunities for self-mastery and service to life.”

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

If you haven’t read this book, it’s an essential one. It reads like a manual for us as we march through this dark moment on the planet. It speaks very directly the marching orders for every single Light worker who is embodied in a world that appears to be splitting apart. We know it is now. We know this is the essential moment that has to happen, with all of its wildness and unbelievable audacities.

My task [is] to remain calm and centered. But how, as I acknowledge the vibration of fear knotting my stomach? I breathe deeply, ground my body into the present, and pray. ‘O my Father god, do not forsake me, for I know it is you expressing in me who shall do this thing required in this darkest of hours. Holy Mother in your mercy, transmute the hatred and suffering in the hearts of these, your children, who know not what they do. O, blessed Mother, Mother of all things, hold me steadfast in your compassionate heart, which is a clear fountain of forgiving Love. May my heart, that has been broken open through my life’s tribulations, Love today as I have never Loved before.’ Then, remembering [Yeshua’s} words whenever he calmed the raging elements, I stand tall and decree. ‘Peace, Be still and now I AM God.”

Anna Grandmother of Jesus page 306

The events of the two or three months to come will likely produce the necessary tearing apart of the fabric of the dualistic world we have been living in for aeons. This is an essential process, and it is reflected in the Cosmos. When those new 5D planets were unveiled, they foretold of this passage. And here we are.

Stay tuned to you, and remember the I AM. Be Still and Know that I AM.

“You don’t need to justify your love, you don’t need to explain your love, you just need to practice your love. Practice creates the master.” 

– Miguel Ruiz