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 Wow. The shadow grows and is looming large. I have a client who sent me an amazing blurb which she found in a little art gallery. There was a display of paintings from an artist who was particularly focused on bridges, and he had this to say about the bridge:

“A bridge is a thing, a Bridge is something in-between,  A Bridge which is something in-between has a shadowy side until it becomes public.  What is before the bridge, after the Bridge, and below the Bridge brings them together and makes them one neighborhood.   A Bridge is part of the  public  landscape.”   Siah Armajani  (Thank you JGM!!)

 If we change the word ‘public’ to ‘conscious’ it takes on a whole new 5D meaning. The bridge, which is what we are crossing at this moment to get to the unified consciousness of the 5D world, is a sacred geometrical form that takes on new meaning from the higher perspective. 

In Cosmic Consciousness the bridge is the 5D version of the opposition. The description above makes so much sense. It connects the things that once seemed completely unconnected and disparate, and provides a ‘structure’ that gives new meaning to everything and everyone around it.

The Jupiter/Haumea – Uranus/Eris/Ceres bridge is wide open. The consciousness of wholeness is completely connected with the force of the Great Awakening. At the moment it is polarized and the shadow is very clear and present.

But according to the definition given by the artist above, the shadow is the unconscious part that has yet to become conscious. The polarization process is part and parcel of the bridge, and the bridge is a vehicle for consciousness.

My client described another bridge painting that seemed to express even more of the new consciousness. It was half a bridge and then some steps and then the rest of the bridge. If you start from one direction that steps go down, and they go up if you start from the other. Two bridges and some stepping stone… Hmm… A 5D perspective of an intersection or cross.

I don’t believe direction is a thing in 5D. However, it is always possible to be choosing to raise your vibration or to lower it. It’s another dimension to be considering. That depiction of the intersection bridge, as well as the description of the bridge, is very much where we are at these days.

All is well.. all is perfect. Sometimes life gets difficult, but that struggle always leads to more wisdom and empowerment. Venus is in a Great Eliminator with Jupiter today, which means the heart is participating in the bridge process. Choices must be made. High road or low?

There is another VERY momentous event taking place today. Quaoar crosses the world axis and enters Capricorn. 0 Capricorn is the crown chakra, according to Cosmic Consciousness. The capacity for new thought and therefore a new world has moved from the realm of physical wisdom and the triumph of the higher Self over the ego, to the realm of Spiritual power and the constructive capacity to take command and be attuned to the executive director.

Are you familiar with the Great Divine Director? He is the Great Ascended master that preside over the Capricorn consciousness. He is the initiator of Great cycles. This would be a GREAT day to make conscious contact with that Being…

Stay tuned to you while you do.

“Life does not accommodate you, it shatters you. It is meant to, and it couldn’t do it better. Every seed destroys its container or else there would be no fruition.”

– Florida Scott-Maxwell