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I’ve been getting interesting emails from faithful readers on the new planet.. This from Lauri:

“…is Arawn the first planet named after a Welsh God? If so, this seems striking.  Personally, this hits me in the deepest parts of my being as my human and star ancestry is connected with Welsh lore, in particular Gwyn Ap Nudd, the Hounds of Anwwn, Anwwn itself …..all of which are connected with Orion, specifically the central star in Orion’s belt.  More specifically, to a plant that orbits the central star which Solara calls “An” or “Anu”.

In other news…..a green fireball meteor plunged through the Midwestern night sky early Monday morning and then plunged into Lake Michigan.  Meteor – Divine Masculine.  Green – Heart Chakra.  Water – Divine Feminine.  The Divine Masculine impregnated the Divine Feminine with love.  🙂 

 The new world is manifesting as we live and breathe. (My Dad used to say that, “As I live and breather”.. It always made me chuckle, but now I SEE! ) These new Plutinos (planets like Pluto, I’m guessing will keep emerging. They are all connections to the invisible realm, the world between the worlds, and now that we have had our eyes on Pluto directly, he represents the capacity to physically ground the new consciousness, among other things.

One other thing is the multifaceted nature of reality. Pluto, a binary planet, has a mirrored reflection in Orcus, another binary planet. That seems to take duality to a 5D level of focus. And now Arawn, traveling WITH Pluto, takes duality to an even more multidimensional essence. These Plutinos hold the space, they are the gate keeper to the 5D kuiper belt realm, which holds so much more conscious reality than we’ve even begun to realize.

The moment we stop trying to understand it it will be revealed. The very second we stop believing we Know something, we will realize what there is to Know. Today Venus bridges with MakeMake. It’s an important connection, opening yet another Light Bridge for us to walk across, this one from the heart to the realm of Divine, cosmic order. This is a decidedly feminine bridge that can allow us to awaken to the Truth of the progenitor energy that is the Divine Mother.

It’s important to note that Venus is going to bridge with MakeMake three times in the months to come, because she is traveling through her retrograde shadow preparing to go retrograde on March 3. She is also making a triple conjunction with Chiron, a triple stepping stone (square) with Quaoar, and a triple Great Eliminator with Orcus. These are some superconscious archetypes for the heart to be working with. The emotional body is totally being upgraded.

Too, Venus is moving through Aries, the home sign of her co-ruler, Mars. Together these two preside over the Divine Feminine Self (with the Moon), and Mars has a whole new way of relating to Venus now that he’s been thoroughly overhauled. The Divine Feminine is recalibrating and reclaiming her empowered Self.

For each of us this looks like the capacity to surrender more and more easily. The capacity to let go of the need to make anything happen in favor of letting everything happen. Stay focused on the new world and the new ways in which you are relating to it. The more you embrace your new perspective, the more your consciousness will transform the world.

We can certainly use a whole lot of that. Stay tuned to you for best results.

“It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.”

Wendell Berry