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What an interesting day it is, with our soular system hosting a life changing event! (Of course, this event only REFLECTS what is actually going on at the higher levels of our consciousness, but nevertheless, it's another first!). It's a first because the first of three Saturn Ixion conjunctions that will eventually produce a new cycle for this pair has never happened before in human consciousness. The triple conjunction will be complete on October 30th of this year. We will take a closer look at this event in a minute, but first let's have a look at the backdrop that sets this stage.


 It's Valentine's Day and the Moon is in Libra. 3D astrology has long dictated that Libra is one of the signs that belongs to Venus. Venus is, of course, the planet of the day today... or is she? Well, yes, sure she is, but as everything else these days, there is a 5D version of this scenario. 

The new planet that governs Libra is Sedna, and interestingly, today's Saturn Ixion conjunction (in Sagittarius) is in resource (sextile) with Jupiter (governor of Sagittarius) AND Haumea, and all four of these planets are pointing in a near perfect Finger of God to SEDNA. I've been talking about the shifting of archetypal rulers from 3D to 5D, particularly regarding Saturn and MakeMake (who, by the way is in Libra). This shift into a new dimension is playing out all over the cosmos, (and also within each of us) at amazing speed right now.

Sedna is the record keeper for the Divine Feminine story (DID you catch Beyonce's art at the Grammy's? She's a VIRGO, VIRGIN MOTHER, and she took the whole reunifying not only of the FEMININE but of the MALE/FEMALE to a whole new level... a 5D level, complete with holograms and amazing imagery... If you missed it, please check it out on YOU TUBE!!!) It definitely seems to point to the theme of this year's LOVE DAY.

Now onto Saturn/Ixion. Saturn is the inner Guru these days, for those of us with a higher perspective, Saturn acts as our very reliable gut instinct and our inner guidance. When we trust it, it never fails us. This coming together with Ixion is very important. Ixion was (mythologically) royalty. In Greek mythology, Ixion (/ɪkˈsaɪ.ən/ ik-SY-ən; Greek: Ἰξίων, gen.: Ἰξίωνος) was king of the Lapiths, the most ancient tribe of Thessaly, and a son of Ares, or Leonteus, or Antion and Perimele, or the notorious evildoer Phlegyas, whose name connotes "fiery".

Ixion is a Plutino, like Pluto, Orcus, and Arawn, (and there are others) These planets all have an orbit that has a 3:2 ratio with Neptune's orbit. That is, Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the zodiac once and the Plutinos take about 248 years to do the same. This 3:2 ratio has everything to do with the new consciousness... Contemplate on that for a little while....

Ixion seems to relate to our Soul's promise for this lifetime. The higher Life purpose, if you will. All the Plutinos seem to connect us with our higher, more immortal or eternal Selves. Saturn Ixoin will take a while to produce the new cycle they are generating, but for sure by the end of this year we will have a whole new definition for life, death and our eternal being-ness.

Further, Saturn and Ixion are moving inexorably toward the Galactic Center. Today's conjunction occurs within one degree of Source. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!! I'll be on this topic for a long time to come.. We're just getting started. Add this new cycle to the Uranus Eris cycle and the Jupiter Haumea cycle and we have our Selves a whole new world!!!

DO NOT take your eyes off you!

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for this first Saturn Ixion conjunction, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks.. This is off the hook:

  Sagittarius 26:   Climbing the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun.

 "The prenatal resolve to take the karmic journey all the way through this time. The intensive commitment to resolve all remaining dilemmas, to quicken every place of constriction, and to get on with the infinite possibility that is calling so urgently and brightly.

                An extraordinarily capable and rugged stream. The veteran of just about every conceivable past glory and past defeat returns resiliently to command a whole new vision in an unfolding new world. All it takes is 100% wakeful presence within one’s immediate and very real predicament. This involves coming up against each errant fragment and being asked to be done with them now.

                A higher power is at work here. This power pulls the soul heavenward. It draws forth an essential capability. Yet there is so much work to do to complete what has been begun. So there are these cycles within cycles which cannot be rushed through and prove to be arduous, rigorous, consuming all there to take up progressively.

                An interior splendor is dawning, is seeking to emerge, is already apparent. This provides a leverage, a momentum, a scope and a passion. Every bit of it is vitally needed for all of us to benefit from this one.

                Ultimately, this is a universal portal, open to the future, alive to every bright and wondrous spark that can get us where we’re going. It is a selfless frequency which involves a whole lot of self along the way.

                The intent is pure and deep. The awareness is acute and on the mark. The only thing is to stay with it very sharply and know all things are coming true."



"All lifetimes at all times in all places have been none other than the Buddha. This lifetime here and now is Buddha. Buddha is here and now and knows no past or future.

Where are karmic debts other than in one’s mind? Hold to your mind, and sleep is endless whether you are kind or evil. Eastern fundamentalism is no truer than western fundamentalism, so leap beyond all ideas into the unknown.

Watch carefully what you believe for it will become your reality and thousands of lifetimes will pass in delusion. Push all ideas and imaginings aside and leap into this here and now free of knowing and believing. Such leaping into unknowing is an act of courage and faith beyond all ideas."

~ Adyashanti

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