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From Creacon Wellness Centre, New Ross, Ireland:

What kind of messages are you receiving from the world around you? More importantly, what is your inner guidance saying? Mercury is SO active right now, it can be difficult to distill the information coming at you, and the best way to learn anything at this point is to trust your gut. If it's saying no, it doesn't matter who or how many are saying yes, trust in your Self. This is vitally important. We are at a crossroad these days, and very much in need of consciously choosing the high road that we already know can take us home to our higher Self, where our True path can be realized and the rest can be released once and for all. 

That's what we're all aiming for isn't it? We can all taste the next chapter with undeniable certainty, yet the veil has yet to lift, and the true realization about what's next is not going to come to us the way it has before. Welcome to the new world.

If we're ever going to realize the Truth we are sensing is ready to make itself known, we will have to... absolutely HAVE TO ... let go of all the old desires and beliefs about what's coming and how it will get here. The Truth is always right under your nose. But reaching for it ALWAYS causes it to elude you.

Reaching for what you know is there but can't see causes it to move away from you and produces the experience of time. We no longer have the need for time, and we can certainly let go of the old habit of perpetuating it. BE the ONE you see, as you go, in the moment, and you'll realize all there is to know in an instant.

It honestly wont' take much longer than that. Not if you are fearless. Not if you're willing to take a chance on the universe's limitless capacity to bring your dreams to you. There are on their way, and that is what you're feeling. Let them come. Don't tell your Self that not being able to see anything means there is nothing there.

Last week we couldn't see the entire 'dark' galaxy that is embracing our own, but that in no way means it wasn't there. We became conscious of it.  And now we know what it is. The consciousness CAME FIRST!!!!!

Work on you. Stay tuned to you through today's Mars Pluto stepping stone. Mars is headed for a new cycle with bot Uranus and Eris, and this stepping must be navigated properly if we're going to partake of that wondrous new beginning. Mercury manifests with Haumea today, and we can learn a great deal about wholeness and its properties.

Pay attention, especially to you. You don't want to miss a thing.

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

- Mahatma Gandhi