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The two Light bridges continue to manifest, just as fully as is possible. And of course, everything is possible, all the time. Today The Sun comes together with Neptune, at the end of the day, and this is a major part of the recent Soular eclipse. There is a major lifting of the veil today, especially if you’re ready to See. The shadow has been growing and growing since last August, and it is about ready to be revealed. This revelation will take some months to complete, but this new Sun Neptune cycle begins that process. 



And the eclipse/Light Bridge is still producing its effects. Mercury brought up the rear on the Soular event, and he will bridge with Orcus tomorrow. Once this occurs, the entire eclipse event will be completed, and we will spend the next 5 or 6 months crossing the Light bridge it produced. That is, we will be gaining 5D access to our immortal Selves, realizing the Truth about life on Earth, in many different ways, on many dimensions of consciousness. 


The other Light bridge that is now fully operational, the Mars/Uranus/Eris – Jupiter/Haumea Bridge, also gets further activation tomorrow from Mars’ bridge with Haumea. Despite being faced with plenty of polarized 3D situations, the 5D wholeness that is completely devoid of any kind of separation energy begins to make itself felt.


We will be realizing in no uncertain terms how to BE WHOLE while watching the 3D realm make itself ready for this wholing event. It is now possible, courtesy of both Light Bridges and that Piscean reboot of consciousness, to live fully in both dimensions simultaneously, for some of us, anyway. It is possible to stabilize the Self in both 3D and 5D without the very shaky process of going back and forth that marked the last couple of years.


Today the Moon ALSO aspects the Uranus/Eris/Mars-Jupiter/Haumea bridge, and we are feeling the wholing process more thoroughly than ever before. This is a very heartening process. We have lived for quite some time with the extreme tension of the polarization process, but it was necessary so that we can now transcend all of that and remember the peace of surrender, which delivers us to wholeness.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation on today’s Sun Neptune new cycle degree, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:


  Pisces 12:  A woman asleep in a ring of flames.

She has been through it all, over and over again, yet she has remained somnolent. Somebody drugged her once upon a time. And so she has slept around, even as everything she cherishes and holds dear has been taken away and she has been left alone, to see whether she will call forth the spirit power or forget even further.

                While she is in her hypnotive trance, she is infinitely and fabulously suggestible. She live out in her imagination everything that can possibly go on in this world. The collective, the ancestors, past lives, worlds apart, death and destruction play through freely. For she is at one with this earth in a psychic state that is not at all visible or constructive.

                Her forward track lies in throwing off what she has inherited from the past in every sense. She cannot afford to take it any further, because she is now at the crucial point, the great crossroads.  Becoming alerted to this in a non-paranoid fashion is the first great step toward freedom.

                The most agonizing and arduous part is that she no longer feels and senses and registers what is happening inside. She is entranced. It is absolutely vital for her to reckon with the tragedy and the [illusion] that stand behind her out-of-touch state.

                There is a great hope here for a different life altogether. If she finds the courage to stand up for herself and believe in her own soul steadily and consistently, spirited forces can come through and turn this one around. But everything depends upon sustaining an awareness, a sensibility, without resorting to the crutches of dramatization and other cheap tricks. She needs to get it that she has come to ashes, and rebirth is one deep prayer away.”


“We are not our bodies; we are the One behind the body.”

Shelly Leal


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