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We talked all about how Mars and Mercury each making aspects today that perpetuate and further energize the current Light Bridges we are crossing. It's important to realize that as we walk these bridges we move more and more fully into the new world AND we transmute the 3D world we have inhabited for so long. Mars connects with Haumea and Mercury bridges with Orcus today. When lower body rulers bridge with 5D planets the Light within us grows so much stronger and brighter. In turn, that Light shines on the 3D world and transforms it.











While Mars (the Body) and Mercury (the Mind) mingle with and manifest the Light bridges for us, The Sun and Moon are also involved, having just produced the soular eclipse that will be redircting our consciousness for months to come. Only Venus is not participating in a Light bridge at this moment, but Venus is pulling into her retrograde station, and she is about to take us through a final recalibration process and the ultimate alignment of the lower body system with the higher Self as she completes this next cycle.


We will be discussing that retrograde for weeks to come. But today the big event by far is the Jupiter Uranus opposition, which will complete itself (with a third bridge) on September 27th. Jupiter Uranus brings sudden revelation and new consciousness.


The unexpected has been the basic fabric of the atmosphere for the past few months, and this will continue for the next 6 or 7 months. But today's EXACT bridge should bring some events that make us sure, in no uncertain terms, what this amazing Light Bridge brings at this time.


Jupiter will bridge with Eris shortly, Uranus and Eris will come together for the final time, producing their new cycle on March 17th, St. Patrick's day. Jupiter and Haumea will come together for their new cycle in mid September. And currently Mar is activating this Light Bridge in new (and very physical) ways. Witness the latest eruption of Mt. Etna yesterday.


Stay focused on the higher levels of awareness. It's easy to find the old Mars energies manifesting in 3D, but that is not why we're here. We are the keepers and holders of the Light, and while we cross these Light Bridges, there can be nothing more important that keeping the focus on the higher Realms.


Stay tuned to Source, and remember that you are Source.


"When you get to your wits end, you'll find God lives there."

- Anon