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This past week has been more than a little intense, with Mercury and Mars making so many important connections with the 5D planets after coming together in a resource (sextile) just before the eclipse last weekend. There have been many physical twists and turns  (literally and figuratively), courtesy of Mars’ activating the Light Bridge during the eclipse. There has been a major wave of original thought this week too, courtesy of Mercury’s participation in the eclipse and its attendant Light Bridge. The 5D realm is more vivid than ever, and the newly transmuted physical realm is also very present, polarization and all.


Both the physical and the mental realms are new to us, and we are growing accustomed to them both, AND learning to balance them in harmonious ways, regardless of whether our experiences are superconscious or somewhat uncomfortable. We are truly beginning to realize that it doesn’t matter if the moment takes us up or down, it is what it is, and its always perfect for our particular evolutionary need of the moment.


Take a moment (and a breath) and ask your Self where you’re at emotionally right now. It should be clear that the emotional experience is at a turning point of its own. It’s also nearly impossible to tell what that is leading to. Hopefully the Mercury process of the past months has taught you not to try and preconceive anything. Think of your feelings as unformed thoughts…energy, if you will, that has the power to move you to new consciousness.


Feelings have to be allowed their full flow…the free expression of whatever they may be… SO full that after they have moved all the way through you you can say what they have brought to your awareness. Today we sit in the Venus station. Venus is in Aries, going retrograde tomorrow. Mars is Aries’ planet, and this indicates that it is possible to locate your feelings in your body.


This may or may not be a new way of experiencing your Self, but this is the beginning of a wholly original way to work with your senses. Venus will be retrograde for about 6 weeks, and by the time she gets back to where she is today (on May 18) we will have mastered this process beyond our wildest expectations.


After all, this Venus retrograde cycle is bringing the heart and the emotional body into a full alignment with mind, body and spirit, and that final piece of the process will take us fully into a 5D experience. Let your heart be your guide for the weeks to come, and by the time this cycle is complete, that will be your natural way.


Stay tuned deeply to your heart.


“Faith is a passionate intuition.”

– William Wordsworth