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The Mercury Sun superior conjunction last night was profound, especially if you’re ready and able to let the Truth emerge without imposing your judgments or preconceived notions on what you are perceiving. There is an entirely new paradigm being revealed at every level of our lower body system, as we learn to travel the new High Ways that are being generated by the powerful Light Bridges. These multidimensional roads less traveled are open and readily available to all. Gaining access to them is a matter of discipline, focus, and the single minded will to let go of the past. The past has a way of infiltrating the new, and developing anything original out of a past-infused present is not possible. 


Today features a 5D Stepping Stone that is being formed by Mars and Varuna. Mars has just made contact with all four of the archetypes involved in Light Bridge that is awakening us to unity consciousness. Mars is the physical, Varuna is the consciousness of Source. This is not an easy stepping stone to navigate. It’s a good thing there’s no such thing as hard and easy in 5D!


I tried about six times to create the chart that appears above, but for all my efforts, I could not get it created and loaded on to the site to deliver to you. First I loaded it with all the March charts, but it wasn’t there when I went to get it. I loaded it again from the computer I created it on originally, but it still did not make it to the media library on my site. Then I created it again on my desk top, which I am writing on now, but it still did not appear. I shut down the program and reopened it, but nothing.


I finally did it one last time on this computer and loaded it to the media library. When I loaded it it said 3/17/17, so I had to do it again, and finally, FINALLY, I was able to load it up for you. All I can conclude is that the connection…. the higher connection.. between the physical body and the highest perspective of Source is not readily available connection. For whatever reason, we need to know this today, so that when the opportunity shows up to make use of the higher perspective on the physical Self or the physical world, we can BE with that connection.


Mercury is the next lower body ruler to connect with the Light Bridge of Uranus/Eris-Jupiter/Haumea,  but that won’t be until after Uranus and Eris have completed their third conjunction and manifested their new 100 year cycle. Mercury arrives at the bridge on March 25 and 26. The Moon arrives March 29, and the Sun arrives April 13 and 14, just as Venus goes direct and begins to make her journey toward this bridge after her 6 weeks of refranation. If you think this is a coincidence, that each of the four body rulers is accessing this bridge within a period of one month, please take a closer look.


These are the alchemies, the transmutations, of this amazing turning point in the human story, and there is nothing, NOTHING that has the power to interfere with this process, because it is occurring in 5D and beyond, where fear does not exist. It may still take a while longer for the effects of these major inner upgrades to show up in 3D, but that has always been the case. This is happening, and it’s truly beginning to take root, to produce a new world.


Stay focused on you, using the vision of Source.


Do you know why butterflies float? Fireflies light? Comets fall, trees grow, cats purr, and tails wag?

“Well, I have some hunches, and here’s my favorite: Each is an aspect of the one who perceives them, disguised by the elements, caught in an act of reflection, noticed in just the right place and at just the right moment, to remind the dreamer, as if by metaphor, of their own sublime divinity and that there is ever more to learn and love about themselves. 

Kind of like you are, to me.”

The Universe   (Mike Dooley)