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I mentioned a few times this week that Sunday’s full Moon marks the end of the wormhole we’ve been in since the Aquarius New Moon on January 27th. It seems there is some confusion over this, and I will take this opportunity to explain it fully. A worm hole is associated with eclipses, but eclipses almost always come in pairs, one soular or lunar eclipse followed by a lunar or soular eclipse two weeks later. While it is sometimes possible to experience a third eclipse, it is uncommon, and in the case of this current worm hole, the two eclipses that did take place occurred during the two weeks between February 10 and February 26th. But a worm hole must begin with a New Moon (a new cycle) and end with a Full Moon (completion). In this case, the new Moon associated with this worm hole occurred at the Aquarius New Moon on January 27th, and ends with the Virgo Full Moon this Sunday.










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