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Welcome to the END of the WORM HOLE, and HAPPY FULL MOON...Today's Virgo Full Moon occurs at 22 Virgo, and with that Master vibration, it seems a whole lot of wholing is on tap as of now. The Full Moon occurs smack in between two new cycles (conjunctions) with Chiron, who disposes this Moon. Mercury came together with Chiron on Friday, and the Sun will do the same on Tuesday... There is some exquisite mastery in the sacred geometry that is showing itself in these very important new cycles. It is sweetly poignant that the worm hole ends under Chiron's domain.










Venus's retrograde cycle is well underway, and one of the main events of this particular backwards Venus journey is her double conjunction with Chiron. When Venus goes direct on April 15th, she will do so within a half a degree from Chiron. The original conjunction occurred a few days before Venus entered her retrograde shadow on January 30. That makes the Venus Chiron new cycle that got underway then (on January 25) a very significant theme that comes to a new level of  manifestation when Venus goes direct with Chiron in tow in April.


Chiron, the Master Healer/Teacher and Rainbow Bridge connection between the lower and higher Self, actualizes his energies by helping to bring mind, heart body and spirit into full alignment at the personal level. As each of the lower bodies has just undergone a major upgrade (and Venus is undergoing hers right now), this alignment takes on newer, much more multidimensional meaning, and that meaning should become evident much more fully in the weeks to come.


This Full Moon is bridging Chiron, making that alignment fully acceptable to each and every one of us, especially when we pursue that connection with conscious discipline. This is the ultimate kind of Light Bridge, a full Virgo Moon bridging the Sun, Mercury and Chiron. This bridge is an adjunct to the ongoing Neptune Orcus Light Bridge that has been fully operational for more than a year and is just about 10 or 12 degrees away from today's Full Moon/Chiron Bridge.


The Light Bridges are broadening. Perhaps that is to accommodate the larger crowds that are walking these High Ways now.


Please check out Anne Harris' Full Mon column (link above) for much more brilliant insight into this deliverance from the worm hole. And here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's full Moon event, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:


Virgo 23:  Giant cacti blooming in the desert.

"Containing in reserve everything we could ever want or need. Bearing the treasures which we have built up over timeless time. Being entirely enclosed within these reservoirs of power. Having no option but to live them out afresh.

                Feeling saturated with inward experiences of the most ancient and intensive kind. Knowing things we have no way of knowing. Remembering origin. Living under the  of all that we have accomplished and moved through and become adept within, down to the minutest detail.             

                The exceedingly unlikely, mostly hidden, and yet sharply self-aware frequency of abiding inside the deep center of life in a fashion which seems mysterious, but really is as starkly self-evident as could ever be. It’s just a matter of being able to perceive that which boggles the mind and requires a far-roaming imagination to get far enough inside of it to reckon with the wild tale of this one.

                Posing outwardly as whatever will be taken to be exemplary, upright, morally correct. Sensing inwardly the deep currents of the earth and what they require. Being called upon in a major way to stand in for the earth and to dis-identify with outward roles as bearing any real significance.

                Tending toward the most boundless extremes on the inside. Having lots of room for tending a destiny greatly removed from the mainstream. Attentive to old stories, alive to karmic resonance’s.

                Hard to access, to read, to get close to. Self-protective and full of effective ways to defend and guard and remain aloof. Heavily invested in making solitude free and independent of outer inquiry and surveillance.

                The inner life which enters upon the most fertile and lush interior territory. The outer life which is both austere and intentionally misleading. The ancient timeless one bringing an intent to keep one’s own counsel and go where this earth requires unfailingly."


"The goal of spiritual practice is full recovery, and the only thing you need to recover from is a fractured sense of self."

- Marianne Williamson


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