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There's a very busy week ahead, filled with planetary aspects from the Sun to nearly every 5D planet. That feels like a rewiring process, doesn't it? The Full Moon yesterday was presided over by Chiron, and the Sun is set to produce a new cycle with the Master Healer/Teacher tomorrow. Chiron is about to generate some new stepping stones with Saturn and Ixion, making for some very constructive new definition at the social level. With so much realignment and upgrading taking place, it's important to sit back and allow it to happen, because being infused with all new energies is what generates the new paths for us to take.



Whenever Chiron is active, and especially at a time when so many Light bridges are open, it can feel a lot like the Higher Self is on the Master Healer's operating table. Although we remain conscious, (which is very important), we are also under a kind of anesthesia, courtesy of Neptune, and it becomes possible to watch this procedure as it happens from the observer's perch.


This is a new paradigm and we will get used to it eventually. It can become uncomfortable at times, but for the most part it is exciting to be able to watch something like this with new eyes. New perspectives generate new thoughts, which in turn manifest a new world.


The point is, the new world is being generated as we live and breathe, and it is no longer a matter of understanding how to do it or why it happens. In fact any efforts toward those possibilities prevent us from realizing the new fabric that is becoming the new world.


Pay attention, as you take respite on that Higher Operating Table, and be sure to stay tuned to you.


Mercury crosses the world axis today and enters Aries, adding to the stellium that is already under way. Mercury is fresh off his own new cycle with Chiron, and his own upgrade to an entirely new operating system. These days any planet that moves into a new sign makes first contact with Quaoar, an event that takes place today. This should go a long way toward the unveiling of the new original thought process, IF we're not too much in our heads about it.


Later this week Mercury will come together with the retrograde Venus, bringing Mind and Heart (albeit inwardly attuned heart) together in a new way. There are endless possibilities to the ways in which the mind/heart connection can manifest now. It's best to LET it happen, and not to create it with a preconception


Preconception must become a thing of the past at this time, so guard against it, if possible. At least be vigilant for it.  Remember you're being worked on by your own Higher Self at this time, and that choosing not to interfere with this is the most profound and Loving thing you can do.


"To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else."

- Bernadette Devlin