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Most of you know I am loathe to make predictions, because I don't believe it is possible to say what will happen, not personally and especially not collectively. However, it has to be said that the aspects today are so unusual that this has to turn into a most unusual day. The Sun makes a series of 8 or 9 aspects today and tomorrow to nearly every planet involved in a Light Bridge and then some, while Mars connects with the Nodes and Mercury forms his own Light Bridge with MakeMake. There is so much soular activity today that we will likely have a hard time making sense out of the energies while our consciousness undergoes a major rewiring process.










There are way too many aspects to display, and I have chosen the two most powerful and meaningful to show you. The Sun Chiron new cycle makes crystal clear the process that is producing new circuitry to our conscious awareness. Mercury completed many of these same aspects a few days ago, which might explain why things have ramped up so much this week, (though the Full Moon certainly did her part too).


But Mercury informs us, delivering the facts and the clarity we are ready for. But the Sun transforms our consciousness, transmuting knowledge into experience and Life itself. Life will most definitely become something new, something more multidimensional now, and though we may not perceive it happening while it manifests, there can be no denying it in the long run.


Ceres forms a resourceful connection with Neptune today, and this should go a VERY long way toward lifting that pesky veil that has been so obviously covering the Truth. Those of us with eyes to See have been watching this veil become more and more tangible. It has to reach a point where all that can happen is that it will lift and reveal what we already know is underneath.


And today the Sun forms a new cycle with Chiron, dispositor of that Full Moon on Sunday, which was reflecting this very Sun Chiron connection. It's very important, because it represents the seed and the flowering of all the realignment and upgrade we have been through during the past year or so. The Sun Chiron new cycle describes the kind of alignment we have come to, and we have worked hard and with great discipline and focus to get here.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Sun Chiron new cycle, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks. We saw this meditation the other day, when Mercury came together with Chiron, and the difference between a new cycle of the mental operating system and a new cycle of the conscious Self should be apparent now...


Pisces 25:  People and animals frightened during an eclipse.


"Listening for signs, for portents, for indications of what is in the wind, in the waters, moving through the soul. Attending to the subtle cues. Knowing when customary signs say “Go slow”. Sensing the time to act, to move forward, to bring something further.

                Tuned in to the layer which traditionally has been sensed as superstitious, as uncanny, as dangerous. Very much at home in the unofficial, unrecognized places. Sensing all that needs to be known through the subtle inward feelers. Staying tuned to that wavelength throughout.

                Susceptible to many waves, myriad layers coming into momentary prominence. Yet needing to take up the experience of what it feels like to be under potent forces and to work with these and find the path they invoke.

                Very powerfully inwardly led to track with the collective, with humanity karma. Sensing pervasively where we all are coming from, traversing through, moving toward. Alert to danger signs that we are far off course. Seeking the corrective at inner levels.

                Absolutely remembering the most ancient and timeless and forgotten senses, faculties, ways of perceiving and being. The great goddess force. Not willing to deny the surging meaning and vitality of how the Divine Feminine plays through every ounce of earth existence. Transported to that awareness which cuts right through the times.

                Pulled to the ultimate point of reckoning with every hidden depth realm and giving it back it’s full due. Perhaps coming to the remarkable attunement to whatever is commonly currently suppressed, scapegoated, assumed to be better left alone.

                The radical spirit discovering once again what has been felt forever, what seemed so far away, yet is closest at hand once you grasp the meaning of earth existence."


The Eclipse passage has ended, and this new Sun Chiron cycle holds the keys and codes to the new world. Stay tuned to you... That is where the Truth is...


"Close both eyes
to see with the other eye."