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If you missed my 2017 SPRING EQUINOX WEBINAR Last night, you can purchase it HERE.

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The Equinox yesterday featured a powerful intersection (T-square) made up of the Sun bridging MakeMake, with a stepping stone from Quaoar. That is a 5D Light Bridge of the highest order... The season ahead has a few big themes to it: Learning to navigate the HIGH WAYS that are opening to us now, remembering the Divine Feminine, and balancing the Divine Masculine (within itself) so that the old Saturnian patriarchy is no more and the more empowered Divine Law of Love, which is a balanced Masculine/Feminine energy can take their rightful place, with the archetype MakeMake symbolizing this process. Quaoar's presence promises that by the end of the season we will have access to much original thought, and a whole new belief system.










Saturn sits on the Galactic Center, and will remain there through to May 7th, the EXACT middle of the season, before retrograding off there and coming back here closer to the end of the year. While Saturn sits on the GC, which is the black hole at the center of our Galaxy, from which all that we are experiencing has emanated, the old laws of our patriarchal civilization will be infused with THE most conscious frequencies available to us. By the time middle of May comes, we will have a whole new view of the ways in which the world is running, and then it will likely take till the end of November to find the strength and the will to make the shift and pledge our allegiance to the higher laws of Love and unity.


Today the Sun Quaoar stepping stone lifts us into new thought. New thought can not manifest through the mind. It must come from the heart, aligned with the Christed Self, the Higher Mind, which is not generally engaged in thought or the need to understand. It is original and creative and fueled by devotion and Higher Love. Things like the Love of Nature, or group consciousness birth new ideas that can become the basis of an enetirely new belief system.


Tomorrow the Sun will bridge with MakeMake, giving us full blown access to the LAW OF LOVE and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. As we watch the Truth unravel in the 3D polarization realm, the Truth of unity and wholeness will emerge as well. This is a very exciting time. Stay tuned in to your heart center to receive the most out of it all.


Today Mercury forms an important resource with Ceres too. This assists SO much in the rebirthing of a new mental perspective and ultimately a new belief system, which will in turn generate a whole new world. Mars, disposing the Uranus Eris new cycle (and half of the most powerful Light Bridge ever to become accessible to us), is headed for a new cycle with Ceres too. There's a whole lot of resurrection and rebirthing going on.


There is also a major Finger of God taking place between a Chiron Sedna resource and Haumea, archetype of wholeness and unity. The Divine Feminine, in her most pure and whole form, is essential to the experience of Oneness and provides the essential respect for all the parts that make up the whole, AND all the spaces in between.


We're in for an amazing. life altering season. We will see these shifts take place in 3D and in 5D and there will be no denying any of it. This, THIS is what we've come here for.


"Perhaps the most important thing we bring to another person is the silence within us, not the sort of silence that is filled with unspoken criticism or hard withdrawal.  The sort of silence that is a place of refuge, of rest, of acceptance of someone as they are.  We are all hungry for this other silence.  It is hard to find.  In its presence we can remember something beyond the moment, a strength on which to build a life.  Silence is a place of great power and healing." 

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