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Surely you can feel the very powerful surge of the Great Messenger joining his newly upgraded energies with the fully activated Light Bridge that is made up of Uranus/Eris and Jupiter/Haumea. Yesterday Mercury connected with Pluto in a stepping stone aspect, which produces an important intersection on this Light Bridge. The news is riveting, the silence is more rich than anything we’ve ever known, and the whole experience of this world is undergoing a transmutation of the grandest order that we are actually able to observe as we move through it. 










Mercury comes together with Jupiter today, and with Uranus, Eris and Haumea on Sunday. The weekend ahead is nothing short of life altering. Listen to your inner voice, because it has definitely changed. Listen to the news of the world, because it too is changed. The change has happened already, at the higher level, and the 3D experience will take the next 6-8 weeks to catch up with that shift and fill it out in space and time.


Today’s Mercury Jupiter bridge will likely take the news over the top. Jupiter, whose main expression is expanding social consciousness, has a way of taking things all the way out in order to stretch the consciousness of what has been and make something else possible. Possibilities show up under this kind of connection.


It’s important to note here that this Mercury Jupiter polarity is a bridge. That is, it points to an important and undeniable connection between these two archetypes. It becomes a Light Bridge because of the presence of Haumea and Eris, which are 5D archetypes. It opens up a new path that is a High Way. That High Way is the proverbial road less traveled, the path of Love-based unity consciousness, where there is no separation, especially where opposite ends are concerned. When you consider the bridge, it is easy to see that the two ends are connected. On the High Way there is only connection.


It’s important to watch the 3D road from the High Way. That is currently the most convenient observer’s perch available to us. Because of its alchemical, transmutational  frequencies, we can stand on that High Way and realize our Selves in both worlds simultaneously. It’s quite an experience, but it’s essential to keep the focus on the Higher Path. That in itself is what produces the fuller experience.


This looks to be an amazing few days. Today there is another very important planetary connection, because it is very rare. Chiron and Sedna come together in a resource aspect, formerly known as a sextile. Resource says it all. This connection is a closing resource, that is Chiron is approaching a new cycle with Sedna. This will take a very long time to manifest… Their new cycle (conjunction) represents the full blown wholing, reunification, of the Divine Feminine, which is well underway.


The Chiron Sedna new cycle occurs in January 2036, with Ceres the Midwife in tow. That is 19 years from now. In the physical realm the earth will take some time and space to fully generate the new world. But these next 20 years promise to be worth it, and they are the reason we’re here.


Don’t take your eyes off you.


“Those who are not yet spiritually wise simply cannot appreciate, or even recognize, those who are. 
Fortunately, you can still blow their socks off as you live the truths you’ve uncovered. 

Of course, once they see you be in abundance, they’ll still call you lucky, but way deep down they’ll begin to wonder. And that will change everything.”
 The Universe   (Mike Dooley)