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Having a cosmic perspective of the soular system affords us a bigger picture bird's eye view of what is going on, and this is always True, in any given moment, all the time. For example, one way to realize the Truth is to note the way the planets are laid out by degree, throughout the zodiac. When a planet that represents the personal Self, one of the lower etheric bodies, enters a new sign, that fast moving planet (there are no bodies that ever move faster than the five dispositors of the lower four body system) is going to connect with each of the other planets is a very definitive way. This is especially revealing when it comes to the 5D super slow moving planets, because they pretty much remain in the same pattern for long periods of time. What this means is that a picture emerges as each of the lower bodies undergoes a specific series of connections with the various archetypes as they are arrayed.


Let's take Mercury's latest journey as an example. Mercury entered Aries on March 13, and the ruler of the new mental operating system will leave Aries on March 31. In order, Mercury made connections to Quaoar (stepping stone), MakeMake (bridge) the Moon's Nodes, (resource/manifestation), Mars, Orcus (Great Eliminator), Venus Retrograde, Neptune (intimacy), Ceres (intimacy), Pluto (stepping stone), and in the last few days, Jupiter (bridge), Uranus (conjunction), Eris (conjunction), Haumea (bridge), Ixion (manifestation) yesterday, Saturn (manifestation) today and finally a stepping stone with Varuna on Friday.


Take a moment to consider that our minds have been through the major process of connecting with the above archetypes in order, and that on Saturday Mercury will move into Taurus and begin that same process (with new kinds of aspects) in that same order. The only difference will be the other lower body rulers, Mars and Venus, because they will have shifted their positions in the zodiac.


Quaoar is the first planet that any planet entering a new sign makes contact with, meaning that the capacity for original thought and brand new belief systems is number one on the current agenda. A bridge with MakeMake is next, lifting the consciousness to the higher laws, the Moon's Nodes deliver all this higher energy to our chakra systems, through the Soul Star and Earth Star chakras, to Orcus, representing our immortal Selves, to Neptune, Ceres, Pluto , rebirthing and midwifing the new enlightened consciousness, and directly into the Light Bridge that is the Awakening (Uranus Eris) with Jupiter Haumea (the consciousness of unity), to Ixion and Saturn, defining the collective purpose, and finally to Varuna, which is the highest perspective we can have on life.


AND Mercury is going to go retrograde and make his way all the way back to Uranus, (but not Eris). It's important to remember that everything that is happening as of Monday 3/27 at 12:30am EDT is meant to be revisited. It's in our best interest to be as conscious as we possibly can of the pattern we are living through. It's an intense one, and though those 5D planets don't move very quickly, this particular order of archetypal meetings will change soon enough. Even one shift changes things. It is SO important to be as aware as we can in every moment.


We are on a Light Bridge which affords us a higher perspective of all dimensions we can perceive, and also provides the capacity to make the connections that have always existed between the polarities, but that we have not been able to perceive so thoroughly and so readily before now. This is truly a new world, and despite the overwhelming energies that are rampant all around us, it's pretty delicious so far, just for it's sheer newness.


Stay completely tuned to you.


"Love is never security; love is a state in which there is no desire to be secure; it is a state of vulnerability."

~Jiddu Krishnamurti