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Two important events take place today, (and remember they are reflecting what is going on within each of us), and each of these happenings signal the end of an important process (and therefore the beginning of another, of course). First, Mercury makes his last aspect to a planet before he leaves Aries. That planet is Varuna. Varuna represents the cosmic eye, our third eye, if you will, and our capacity to SEE with that vision, purely and without the bias of our 3D eyes. If you read yesterday’s blog, you know this stepping stone that is formed by a connection between Mercury and Varuna is the last in a long series of connections made by the ruler of the mental operating system to all the other planets (5D in particular). This series of aspects marks a major recalibration that will begin again in a couple of days, after Mercury moves into Taurus and manifests (trines) with Quaoar. These days this calibration process that happens to every personal planetary archetype as it moves through a new sign begins with Quaoar and ends with Varuna. We are being stretched beyond even the 5D consciousness into a whole new world.









And speaking of being stretched, the other important aspect that occurs today is the Jupiter Pluto stepping stone that officially ends the recent Mercury connection with the Light Bridge and introduces Pluto as an important intersection on this Bridge. An intersection is a 5D T-square. It produces depth, dimension and options that were always there, but now have a way to show up in a tangible manner. (If you can call anything ‘tangible’ in the higher dimensions).


This Jupiter Pluto completes the current activation of the ongoing Light Bridge (Uranus/Eris-Jupiter Haumea), and it also marks the closing square of the current Jupiter Pluto cycle which began over nine years ago. I am fond of saying that Jupiter and Pluto represent the largest energies that exist in our 3D world, and especially when they come together, they produce huge surges of expansion and growth.


The closing square of any cycle represents the critical turning point where everything that that cycle has brought to our evolution begins to manifest in the outer world as situations (people, places or things), that require our conscious attention. It strikes me that attention comes from the same root as tending. There will be much to tend to now, and for the next 3 years, as Jupiter makes its way back to a new cycle with Pluto in 2020 and 2021.


So it’s a day where the pages turn, even though Mercury will continue his ongoing process of calibration, (as will all the other lower body rulers), and the Light Bridge continues to remain active and open for traffic, now with Pluto solidly in place as an intersection for our consciousness, and Mercury departs the Light Bridge (only to return at the end of April after his retrograde journey is done.


Remain planted (on your mind’s eye) on the Light Bridge, which is serving as a very important observer’s perch while we get to experience the ascension into the next dimension and the polarization/reunification of 3D. Best to watch the world but not get too attached. There are many who are involved in holding the Light in very active ways, and hopefully you’re the ones who can do that without too much attachment to outcome.


We all know the outcome, but what we don’t know is how it will manifest. Let the collective manifest it. That is TRUE 5D consciousness. It can’t be done alone. Participate in the group by remaining present and mindful of your Self in every moment.


“You have to trust your inner knowing. If you have a clear mind and an open heart, you won’t have to search for direction. Direction will come to you.”

Phil Jackson